Workout music 2019: 5 reccos

Ashley Twichell (photo: Mike Lewis)

Want some new inspiration for the gym and your present music playlist is not cutting it? We’ve got some new suggestions.

There’s a reason why your gym blasts the latest tracks on the speakers every day – music has an inherent connection with the human mind, in that it forces you to adjust your behaviour according to what you’re currently listening.

For instance, if you’re playing a song online with a trippy beat, you will automatically walk faster and have quicker reflexes when you work out. The opposite happens with a slower tune – your heart rate slows down, and your body temperature reduces slightly. You find it easier to unwind or ‘snap out’ of the high energy zone of your workout when you play a soothing melody instead of a dance number.

But if your current gym playlist is not cutting it for you, you need some fresh inspiration. These are our suggestions for workout music this season:

#1 Without me (warm up remix, by Halsey): This Halsey number has been remixed specially for the gym, and its high-octane vocals and beat are sure to get you on the floor and in the mood for an intense weight training session. Time your weights and pulls with the beat, and you will be pumped to discover how your reps go without any further motivation!

# TakiTaki (feat. Selena Gomez, Cardi B, Ozuna and DJ Snake): This deceptively slow number is so addictive, you will want to start warming up for your gym workout the moment the opening notes begin. It is a great addition to your gym playlist, especially if you are putting in some walking on the treadmill or 10 minutes on the elliptical or exercycle prior to your workout. The rap section in the number maintains the tempo of the song well.

#3 AankhMaare (Simmba): This chart busting song tops every list, whether it is a DJ playlist for an energetic wedding party, or the much-needed motivation to go hard at the gym. Play song online on your favourite music app, and be amazed at how the high energy vocals infuse adrenaline into your system. It is an excellent choice if you want to do bicep curls, abdomen crunches or shoulder dips, but be careful not to go too fast!

#4 This is Me (Workout Mix, originally performed by Keala Settle):Play this song online when you run on the treadmill or put in a circuit in a HIIT workout. It speaks of self-belief and the power of the human mind to achieve great things: just what you need when you’re working hard on your body and pushing yourself to go on! No further impetus is needed.

#5 Lamberghini (Ragini, feat. The Doorbeen): This slow number is great for winding down after an intense workout. Use it to cool down as you lie on the yoga mat and practice deep breathing, or when you put in a soothing 10-minute slow walk on the treadmill to wind down from your exercise and slow down your heart rate a little.