Wine Online: How and Where to Find the Wine You Love


Online shopping has become a mainstay of American culture, and as more and more products become available online for less money the shift in buying habits has reinforced the industry. With so much convenience you may want to make the shift to buying your wine online too, but buying wine is nothing like shopping for clothes and you need to take careful consideration when choosing when, how, and who to buy from. This is precious cargo, so take some time to work through the nuances of online wine shopping with a few tips and tricks to make your experience hassle free and rewarding.

Multibillion Dollar Industry

Buying wine online doesn’t have to be scary, and the industry is booming. Shipments of wine sent directly to the consumers from the wineries have resulted in a 2 billion dollar a year industry, and it only shows signs of growing larger. If you include sales being shipped from the retailer that figure is growing faster than those of conventional brick and mortar style stores, and the multibillion dollar industry continues to transform into a revolutionary new system for its consumers. With websites like Crackawines and My bottle shop, provides a seemingly endless selection with reviews and descriptions to make your selection process easier. They make it simple for anyone to jump in and start clicking buttons, but there are a few things that need to be considered before you check out.

Do a Little Research

First of all, you want to make sure to check state laws to be sure that receiving wine by shipment is legal. Most states are pretty clear cut with their restrictions, as they either allow it or they don’t. Some states only allow shipments to be made within the state itself, but with 44 states allowing for international shipments there’s a pretty decent chance you’ll be in the clear. Play it safe and do a little research to make sure there aren’t any restrictions you may be unaware of before you go crazy with spending. Most states require that an adult sign for alcohol upon its delivery, so you’re going to want to make sure that the package gets delivered at the right time or that you have someone available to receive it. Most of the areas that UPS and FedEx cover will not allow for a package containing alcohol to be delivered to a neighbors house, so make sure that someone is waiting to physically sign for the package at the recipient address by paying attention to tracking information.

Online Retailers

The fact that you’re here reading this means that you are either looking for a broader selection than you have available, or you just want to find the best deal. Many online retailers will provide options for both groups of people, and by branding themselves as experts they provide detailed descriptions and reviews of the different products they provide. If you aren’t worried about getting the most vintage wine and just want to find the best price, CrackaWines offers daily deals that expire at midnight. Pay attention to shipping costs and consider buying larger amounts at their special price to take full advantage of these awesome deals.

One such deal from the website Geoffmerrill Wines comes in the form of a Chardonnay the company developed for those who like a little bite, with fresh citrus and melon finished with a stone fruit note. The Botham Merrill Willis Chardonnay goes for less at CrackaWines, and you’ll be able to pick this sophisticated blend up for less than twenty dollars. For those who already know what specific wine they want the domain offers a search option that allows knowing consumers to find the lowest price for the flavors they already love, and branding reviews can help to further narrow queries. You can get as specific as you like with a search function like this, it acts as a wine resource to help connect buyers with the best options for maximum satisfaction and customer retention. That’s a plus for you.

Connect People with Products

When going to a winery isn’t an option, online wine websites can help to connect people with products they love by providing detailed descriptions and user reviews that act as a guide for online wine shopping. In the sections like “wine-makers notes” the sites offers a detailed description of the color and flavor profile, while also giving an in-depth look into how the wine was actually made. The Chardonnay mentioned above was described as being made in 2011 from fruit that experienced double the amount of rainfall, resulting in a slow accumulation of flavors the maker was able to capture. It was then fermented and matured in French Oak barrels for depth and complexity. Having access to information like this is key to an enjoyable experience, and making sure that you get the right wine seems like a passion in and of itself.

Consider Transportation Condition

When having, wine shipped there is one last consideration to undertake, and it involves wine’s worst enemy: heat. It is recommended that wine not be shipped in temperatures above 80 degrees. Beyond the temperature, you need to consider the areas that the wine will be traveling in. To take control of how the wine you’re buying gets handled keep up with tracking info so that you can request for packages to be held in the air conditioned facilities rather than sitting out in a hot delivery truck all day long. FedEx and UPS both give customers the option of having their package held for pickup at their print and ship locations for no additional charge, and if you sign up with any sort of delivery management services with the company you can see specifically when a package is set to be delivered to its destination. From that point, you can change the delivery location to be held at the store without even having to keep up with the tracking number.

With so many options and so much convenience, it’s easy to see why shopping for wine online is becoming so popular. These guys make it fun.