Why Wear Bamboo?


Did you know that clothing can be made with bamboo? There are many benefits to wearing bamboo, advantages you may not have known previously and will appreciate for both yourself and the environment.


When bamboo is mixed with other materials (i.e. the clothing is not 100% bamboo), the material has a much softer quality. If you compare cashmere to wool, you would pick cashmere as the clearly more comfortable option. The same is true with the comparison of bamboo to cotton. Bamboo is clearly the winner.


Bamboo actually has some sun-blocking qualities. It shields against a majority of harmful UV rays, meaning that you will have less worry about being burnt. For this reason, you could easily use your bamboo wrap on holiday so that your skin will remain protected.


Bamboo works in both warmth and cold, depending on your needs. It can keep you warm; however, the fabric is also light and airy in place of being heavy. For that reason, you can also use the clothing article in hot weather, because it will not feel as heavy as other options.


If you have allergies to certain types of material or cloth, bamboo will almost certainly help you. Bamboo clothing does not rub your skin constantly; neither does it cling to your skin. You will be pleased with the effect it has when you are wearing it.


With bamboo woven fabric, bacteria do not live well. Because bacteria cannot live easily on the fabric, the fabric is less prone to smell badly even after several days.


Clothing made with bamboo is able to absorb small amounts of moisture away from your skin. In this way, you will stay drier in a light rain shower or on a hot day where you are perspiring.

Environmental Benefits

In addition to benefiting you as the wearer, clothing made with bamboo also benefits the environment. How? First of all, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants. By using bamboo for clothing, you are not destroying anything in nature. The same plot will continue yielding crop after crop very quickly. The fabric is completely biodegradable, so it will have no problem being broken down in the environment. Another advantage is that bamboo grows very naturally. It does not need any extra fertilisers or an additional amount of water. It is an easy plant to grow and does not use a multitude of outside sources.

The way that bamboo is grown also is beneficial to our planet. Instead of being uprooted as a normal plant would be, bamboo is cut. In the same way that grass regrows after being cut, it simply continues growing. Cutting the plant does it no harm.

By choosing clothing made with bamboo, you are going to benefit in two ways. You will benefit as the wearer because of the soft texture, UV protection, air temperature, and antibacterial behaviour. Additionally, the environment will not be harmed through your choice of dress.