Why We Love Leavers Hoodies


In many schools, leavers hoodies have been a custom for several years – students come in these hoodies for the last day at school. And these hoodies have a very special place in our heart, especially because they tend to be a reminder of good memories. But mostly, we love the leavers hoodies for the following four reasons.

  1. Emotional Goodbye

Leavers hoodies can act as a very emotional goodbye to the school you have studied for many years. The idea of every single member of your classroom wearing similar clothes on the very last day at school is good enough to make any student want to get wear one themselves. Many students save their hoodies after the day is over, keeping the dress exactly as it is and never using them. The hoodie acts as a memento to them, something that they can look at every now and then, and reminisce about their young days at school. And for this strong emotional bonding it creates, we love the leavers hoodies very much.

  1. Casual And Relaxing

No one will want to act formally on their last day at school, even with students they have barely spoken to. And one thing that often imbues a very formal atmosphere to the entire proceeding is – formal clothes. Wearing a typical suit to the last day of school can seriously suck out the life from that day, making the entire atmosphere in the school too formal and repressive. And this is why leavers hoodies are important. The hoodies are casual clothes. These are clothes in which you can feel comfortable, both by being yourself and when conversing with others. While a formal suit would have raised barriers between people, the hoodies will relax everyone’s boundaries, making them more open to conversations and emotional goodbyes.

  1. Affordable And Non-Classist

The leavers hoodies are affordable that any student can wear it to school. If the students were to decide to wear anything they want, then the rich kids would have worn expensive clothing and the middle-class kids would only have been able to afford regular clothes. And this stark difference between clothes would have created an unconscious effect on the students. But leavers hoodies avoid such pompousness, creating uniformity among all students who are on their last day of school.

  1. Fashionable And Customization

Finally, the leavers hoodies are pretty fashionable and can be customized any way you want. In fact, there are many stores that sell Personalised, Embroidered & Custom Printed Leavers Hoodies as part of their service. So, if you think you would like to customize the hoodie so that it stands out and creates an impression on your last day at school, know that it can be done very easily. You can essentially do whatever you want with them – design it with your favorite floral arts or just scribble down your name 10 times all over it. And whatever you do, you can be guaranteed that the leavers hoodie you wear on the last day of your school life will be something that you will want to treasure all through your life.