Why should you check out 9apps?


Different platforms are there that get you variety of options for your entertainment, learning and fun right? But where exactly you get all your applications from? Do you think that Google play is the only powerful play store therein to get you the applications? Often people think that they don’t have enough options in applications.

Well, there are so many options in applications but the point is you are looking for it at the wrong place. Talking about Google play store; it is mostly by default in the android devices and that is the reason people hardly try to look beyond this play store.  You should also take into consideration the third party play stores because they have rich variety stored for you. The one name that rules the users is 9apps. This powerful play store is certainly going to make you available every type of applications that you desire for.

What does this store has?

No matter what type of applications you are looking for, the play store has them all for you. There are so many options in the applications and every genre related applications are there to enjoy. Whether you want video, music, entertainment, games, food, booking, dating, relationship, fitness, health, travelling, art & crafts, banking or any other types of applications; the store has them all in abundance.  You would never feel shortage of options in the applications. After all, you get everything you ask for in the store.  All types of third party applications are also there that are usually get missed or are scattered on different websites. Once you get all the applications stored under one roof, it gets easier and excellent to get every app you desire and deserve.

Free of cost applications

You heard it right. All the applications that you get through this play store are absolutely free. Even the premium applications are going to give you a great time. Moreover, you would also get the applications for free that are otherwise pricy and costly. In this way you get a wonderful and fulfilling experience.  All those apps that you always wanted to have are now available for free on this third party play store. Check them out and your desires would be fulfilled.

Safe applications

Again, many of you might have a doubt about the safety of the applications. You know what;there are many applications that are absolutely free of cost and safe too. Yes, all the applications that get uploaded on this play store are first get checked thoroughly. In this way no virus or problematic applications find a place on this ply store. The applications would be absolutely safe for you to use and they would not create any type of problem for you.


Thus, you must check out this play store and it would not even take much space in your phone or android device. The store is not even 10mb! If you haven’t used this platform so far, giving it a try would not harm you in any way.