Why Pre-Plan Your Funeral


    It is not a subject most of us like to talk about, let alone plan. But it is important to consider pre-planning a funeral for a variety of reasons. A lot of people pass away without organising their funeral or letting friends and family know about their last wishes. It is far better to save loved ones the stress of planning a funeral by contacting a funeral service before anything happens.

    Here are some of the main advantages of pre-planning a funeral.

    • Having Your Wishes Granted

    It is important to let your loved ones know what you want when you pass away, if you don’t let them know, they’ll have no idea about the type of ceremony you would have wished for. Some people make the mistake of including their funeral wishes in their will, the problem with this is that your will can often be observed a considerable period of time after you have passed. This means your loved ones don’t get the chance to grant your last wished because they end up seeing your will too late after your funeral.

    Richard Stebbings funeral directors in Cambridge know what it is like to discover someone’s last wishes hidden away in a document, only to be discovered after the funeral has taken place. The moment a loved one dies, nobody concentrates on anything but organising an appropriate burial, meaning nobody looks at your will for direction. So, the best way of pre-planning is to contact a funeral service who’ll guarantee that all your last wishes are granted when it comes to your funeral arrangements. If the deceased person has made a will, it won’t be viewed until after the ceremony, your will is usually kept in a safety deposit box or with your lawyer, so a deceased person’s funeral wishes will remain unknown until after the burial takes place.

    • How to Avoid This Problem

    The best way of avoiding this is to contact a local funeral director and have your plans relayed to them. If you plan your ceremony through a professional service, you are guaranteed to have the ceremony that you always wished for. It is vital that you supply the funeral company with the right type of documents, clearly conveying what kind of send-off you desire, it is vital that you deal with an expert funeral team to avoid any kind of issues.

    You must also remember to contact specific family members who are trustworthy and inform them that you have an agreement with your local funeral director to carry out the ceremony. Tell them you’ve arranged a particular kind of funeral which you hope can be done once you have passed, make sure they know what company you are dealing with and how to access your guidelines.

    There are numerous advantages to using a professional funeral director to organise your ceremony, it is a sad, difficult time for all your loved ones so having additional help is advisable when trying to deal with this situation. It is not something any of us like to think about, but pre-planning is vitally important.