Why natural perfumes are better than chemical ones


There are many people who have sensitive skins and so they may not be comfortable with chemical deodorants or perfumes. That is why; organic perfumes are there in the market which smells as good as any other fragrance and one can use them easily.

People with extremely sensitive skin can be allergic to regular market perfumes. They can easily buy handmade solid perfumes online for their daily use. In fact, those who believe in using only natural skin care products can also go for these kinds of perfumes. These perfumes are made from organic fragrances and they totally complement one who loves these kinds of smells.

But apart from having sensitive skin or having a fetish for organic smells there are many other benefits of using natural perfumes. Here are some listed below.

  • If one uses natural essential oil made perfumes instead of some synthetics then it can create a smell which can help in healing; both physical and mental. It helps one to soothe down and it also results in calming, relaxing, energy enhancing and mood lifting.
  • When it comes to organic perfumes, they do not have any kind of ingredients that has harmful chemicals, toxins or pesticides which can cause skin sensitivity, irritation or any other kind of environmental damage.
  • If a perfume is made from other chemical then there are synthetic smells given to it which are derived from petrochemicals. This can create problems like nausea and migraine. In fact very strong smells can also cause lung irritation. There is no such chance in an organic perfume.
  • Natural perfumes have another good thing. Like chemical perfumes, they are not tested on animals. In fact the ingredients used in mass produced fragrances also includes musk and phthalates which can lead to terrible mistreatments on animals.
  • If one wants they can try mixing 2 organic perfumes together to create a different and unique smell. This is possible because organic perfumes are made from essential oils and so it can either be worn separately or can be layered depending on the mood and the occasion.
  • Natural perfumes are always safe to the skin. Not only that they are easy with the cloth fabrics as well. They do not hamper them or their textures which a chemical perfume might do. In fact most of them come from flower or fruit essence and so they blend really well.
  • Natural oils are good for skin and so perfumes made from natural or essential oils can blend to any skin type. So there is no particular need to be choosy when one is picking up a natural perfume. This is because most of them will suit their skin and will be good to them unless one is allergic to a particular fragrance.

One can buy cheap handmade solid perfumes from online stores or from stores which deals with only natural products. In fact, if one is keen enough, they can also make those solid perfumes at home as well.