Why Marquees Work for Outdoor Events


Marquees make events all the more festive, especially when the entertainment is featured outdoors. Not only do they shelter event participants from the wind and rain but they are made in designs that add to the festive feeling of a gathering. You can select from frame marquees, highpoint marquees, and clearspan structures. Silk marquees are also available for outdoor celebrations.

Marquees for Weddings

One of the big celebrations that features marquees is the marquee wedding. Needless to say, couples are big fans of this type of event as it features adaptability and style. Plus, the marquees that are hired make it possible for a couple to hold an event in one of a number of lovely outdoor settings, which is something that they could not do without this accessory.

In addition to the marquee or marquees that are chosen, you also need to select the furnishings. For instance, you will want to hire tables and chairs along with the shelter. If you are serving food and beverages, you want to make sure that you provide sufficient space for your guests to mingle and eat.

Talk to a Party Hire Professional

If you are not sure about the size of marquee to choose or what tables and chairs to select, talk to the provider of the marquee hire in Melbourne eastern suburbs about your concerns. A professional with the company will need to know how many guests will be attending your nuptials or reception. He or she will also need to know more about the other requirements for the event.

For example, if you are hiring a marquee for dancing, you will need a dance floor. Therefore, you will need to discuss your needs with respect to sizing and the type of floor. Dance floors can be made of wood, be illuminated, or made with stylish materials such as parquet. Needless to say, a dance floor is a must-have hire if you are featuring a band, DJ, or any type of musical entertainment at an event or gathering. Make it easy on yourself by arranging the hire for the dance floor at the same place that you hire your marquee.

Will You Be Needing Lighting?

Some of the other party hires that you may need include glassware, catering equipment, bar stools, bar tables, cutlery, and crockery. Another party hire that is usually needed for a marquee wedding hire is the lighting. When picking this accompaniment, think about the type of atmosphere that you want to convey. Since lighting is used for nighttime weddings or receptions, it must work well with the theme of the affair.

For example, you can select from disco lights for a more lively event or choose candles or chandeliers if you want to romanticise the mood. Uplighters are sometimes used for adding a bit of drama. Lighting can be hired in various colours or white light.

You may also want to include soft drapes for the interior of your marquee. If so, the addition of the linings can create a whole new atmosphere. Indeed, you can make a marquee wedding a special occasion. You just need to determine the theme of your wedding and the number of guests who will be attending before contacting a party hire company.