Why Interior Designers Love The Calligaris Saint Tropez


Plastic chairs are associated with low quality and lower cost, but the Saint Tropez is an exception. This Calligaris chair has been featured in multiple magazine spreads from Vanity Fair to Good Housekeeping. What makes it such a hit?

It’s imported

Human nature seems to have a taste for anything exotic or foreign, so imported food and furniture can be quite popular. Calligaris Saint Tropez Chairs are imported from Italy and stocked in multiple styles and options.

If you’d like to buy a big batch, you may have to warn your furniture store in advance. They can make a specific order on your behalf, on they can advise you on which kind is available in large numbers. This ergonomic chair doesn’t spend much time on the shop floor, so be sure to confirm the shop’s inventory and delivery options.

It’s colourful

The versatility of these chairs is one of their most treasured features. They come in standard dimensions of 57 cm by 52 cm by 80 cm, and they have stylishly grooved armrests. Saint Tropez chairs are available in an almost endless array of colours and textures.

They can be plain matte polymer, see-through polycarbonate, vinyl-coated metallic, smooth shiny tones, or opaque variants. Diamond mesh patterns are a common choice in all forms of Saint Tropez finish, stimulating both your eyes and your fingers.

It’s stackable

Space is a premium in modern apartments so you want something that is sturdy but slight. It shouldn’t overpower the room. Stackable Saint Tropez chairs can seem almost flimsy, but they can hold several hundred pounds of human weight. But if you need to free up some room, you can pile them in the corner and create a dance floor or lay out the twister mat.

Stackable seats are great for eateries, outdoor events, and picnics as well. They offer the convenience of plastic seats without their causal air. Saint Tropez chairs can actually seem quite elegant, if you use the right design and combination. Plus, unlike cheap plastic chairs, you don’t need to dress them with additional skirts and ribbons.

It’s easy to clean

These polycarbonate chairs don’t generally have upholstered surfaces, and even the ones that do, vinyl is used instead of fabric. You can clean them in minutes by wiping them down with a damp cloth dipped in mild detergent. This is helpful, because they gather a lot of dust in the home and may need to be cleaned every day.

Plastic variants can withstand sunlight and rain, so they are suitable for outdoor use. They don’t heat up like ordinary plastic chairs, so they make lovely additions to your poolside seating area or your outdoor kitchen. You can even carry them to a beach or campsite.

It’s modern

The shape and curve of Saint Tropez seats are oddly reminiscent of an episode of the Jetsons. Because of all the futuristic shows we’ve watched, we subconsciously believe that’s how space-age chairs will look. Maybe they’ll be minimalistic to deal with gravity issues, or maybe their construction materials will be alien.

Whatever the case, Saint Tropez chairs have a forward-facing appearance that brings a contemporary touch to your home, especially if you pair them with metallic accents and industrial décor pieces. Consider using spray-painted vases and shiny chrome light fixtures.

It’s comfortable

For centuries, the arm-chair was considered the cosiest chair in any home. It was massive, well-stuffed, and there was comfort in the arms that gave the chair its name. You could lean back and stretch out your legs, or you could fold your legs beneath you and curl up in it.

However, their size often dwarfed the rest of your furniture, and you’d need a massive living room to pull it off. Saint Tropez chairs offer the pleasure of a cushy chair without the bulk. It ergonomic structure seems perfectly moulded for the curve of your body, so you can sink into it and rest your feet on a stool for the ultimate relaxed pose. And you can use it on the deck!