Which General Disputes Can Be Settled By Hiring A Solicitor


Disputes can come in a range of different guises, which may force you to hire a professional solicitor for assistance. Solicitors can hear your side of the story and they will make sure that they assess the strength of your case without any bias.

Several types of general dispute can be settled when a lawyer is involved. Which are they?

Property Disputes

Property disputes can arise for a number of different reasons, and they can be handled by experienced lawyers at JWP Solicitors. You might be having a dispute with your neighbour about where the exact boundary between your two properties actually is, or you might feel that your neighbours are encroaching by building a structure or letting trees grow over the fence.


When the will has been created, they need to be executed in order for heirs to receive money and assets. Disputes about a will can be mediated through a law firm. Some people might feel that the will was made with undue influence from a family member. Whatever the circumstances, you should make sure that an experienced solicitor makes a challenge on your behalf. Hopefully, the matter is going to be resolved as quickly as possible to your satisfaction.

When You Owe Money To Someone

You might face legal action if you have withheld payment from someone. This can be an unpleasant situation to be in, but it can be resolved. Hire a lawyer who has experience with these types of cases. The case will be studied and then a verdict can be reached. The lawyer’s aim will be to make sure that an agreeable situation

When Someone Owes Money To You

When someone owes money to you, it can be extremely frustrating. However, your predicament will start to get easier when you hire a lawyer. An agreement can be mediated by the lawyer so that all of the money is paid back to you at once or over a number of instalments. Research a number of solicitors before you hire one to take on your case.

Cases Which Are Heard In Civil Court

Cases that do not fall into the criminal proceedings category must be heard in civil court. These can include disputes between landlords and tenants. You might have a consumer case against a store that sold you faulty goods.

Employment discrimination cases can also be heard. You may feel that you have been unfairly dismissed from your job, or you may not have received any compensation as part of a redundancy clause that was written into your contract.

There are lots of different ways that a lawyer can assist you when a legal matter has arisen. You will be guided through every aspect of your case by a solicitor who will do their best to secure a positive outcome for you. An extremely good solicitor can be hired for agreeable rates so that your finances are not strained during the time that you receive the lawyer’s assistance.