Where to Buy Stamps When Your Local Post Office Has Closed


Over the last 10 years the USPS has faced huge financial loses with increase of people using email and online bill pay. 1000’s of post offices have already been closed and another 1000 are set to be closed across the country. So when your local post office is closed where can you buy stamps? After all you still need to mail bills.

In an effort to make sure postage stamps are still readily available to the public the United States Postal Service has struct agreements with retail stores, super markets, pharmacies, and shipping stores to sell first class stamps. These locations do not offer all the options you would get at your local post office, but you can get first class Forever Stamps for the same price you would pay at USPS. Most retail stores do not sell individual stamps, they only sell books of 20.

While the USPS is struggling there is certainly still a need for their service. People still need and like to mail wedding invitations, people still pay bills via mail, and military care packages are handled much better through the USPS. People who don’t have checking accounts often pay bills via money order which means that they have to put a check in the mail. Essentially the harder it is to find a post office the more difficult it becomes for people in this situation.

Walmart Is the Most Popular Alternative

One of the most popular stores that sells stamps is Walmart, who also issues money orders as well. You are more likely these days to find a Walmart in your neighborhood than a post office. Walmart has tens of thousands of stores and representation in several countries such as America, Canada, Africa, and Europe. The other advantage of buying stamps at Walmart is that they are open 7 days a week, have late night hours, and are even open for some hours on holidays.

Other Places That Sell Stamps

Walmart of course isn’t the only place where to buy stamps in lieu of the US Postal Service, you can find stamps at Target, Kroger, CVS, Rite Aid, and even the UPS store and FedEx. It might be surprising but UPS and FedEX actually offer several postal service products such as Express Mail, Priority Mail, and Delivery Confirmation, in addition to selling first class stamps. Some banks actually sell stamps as well, with Wells Fargo being the most popular of them. At banks they typically sell single stamps and not books. Lastly you can also buy stamps online via the USPS, Walmart, or Amazon websites. Stamps ordered online typically take about 48 hours for delivery.

So essentially no matter how many local post offices may close or consolidate you should be able to find stamps near you in a retail store, super market, pharmacy or online. For most of these locations to purchase stamps you need to visit the cash register and ask the sales clerk.

While first class mail is in a decline there is still a need for stamps as long as the postal service is in business. If you are wondering what stores sell stamps you might be surprised the next time you are grocery shopping and you ask the person at the register if they have stamps and they say yes.