When You Should Choose Sea Freight Shipping


Sea freight shipping offers a good value for your investment when you are delivering non-urgent pallets. The low-cost shipping alternative gives the shipper more peace of mind as the pallets are handled by larger sea freight suppliers who manage the shipment with the utmost care. When a service takes care of large shipments not considered time-critical, the customer is assured of cost-efficient rates, whether a single pallet is shipped or a full container load is delivered across the seas.

LCL Service

When you use a logistics company that partners with experienced freight-forwarders, you know that the shipment will be directed so it will clear customs trouble-free. If you have a shipment to deliver that is not enough for a full container, you need to choose LCL service. LCL stands for less-than-a-container- load.

This type of service consolidates your cargo shipment with other shipments and moves it promptly to ensure delivery. LCL departures are regularly made from most of the major ports across the globe.

FCL Loads

FCL loads, on the other hand, are full-container-loads and involve the use of 20’ and 40’ containers from various UK and other departure ports worldwide.

Some of the Amenities

If you choose sea freight shipping by Pallet2ship, for instance, you can enjoy the following amenities:

  • Ideal low rates, when compared to air freight, for non-critical time delivery
  • A broad network cover of the world’s major ports
  • Instant pricing for sea freight shipments
  • LCL and FCL shipping to meet all your specific delivery requirements
  • Excellent import rates from anywhere across the globe, back to the UK
  • Deployment of the biggest and most trusted freight companies

Sea freight containers are normally loaded and sealed at the point of origin and then shipped either by road or rail, and then, by sea, to the destination. Manpower can also be supplied to load freight into the containers.

Types of Shipments

A broad range of goods is accepted for shipment. These goods can include the following items:

  • Engine parts
  • Machinery and machine parts
  • Electrical goods
  • Magazines
  • Printed media
  • Electronic items
  • Computers

When you choose a logistics supplier who takes care of sea freight orders, ensure you find one that offers all-inclusive shipping services. Make sure they offer all the best alternatives so your consignments are transported both safely and quickly. The supplier should work with the largest freight companies in the world so they can guarantee your shipments will be delivered on time.

Get the Most for Your Money

Whilst there are a variety of shipping options available to most companies, it is imperative to use a logistics company that understands what items are time-sensitive and what items can be delivered at a less urgent pace, or at a more affordable price. When you use one company that utilises the services of the largest freight companies in the world, you can rest easier. Select a provider who knows all the ins and outs of the shipping and logistic business; one committed to giving you the best price for your specific delivery.