What to Know Before You Freight Ship

freight shipping

If you are planning a big move, chances are you have looked into freight shipping. This method of moving involves you filling a truck with your belongings and shipping it all at once to your new destination. This can prove to be cost-effective and is certainly convenient, but here are a few things to keep in mind while considering freight shipping.

Have an Estimate of the Shipment’s Weight:

Before even calling to get a quote, you will want to have at least an estimate of your shipment’s total weight. Shippers often have little patience if you call unprepared, and there isn’t much information they can give about pricing without knowing what your shipment weighs.

Save yourself the frustration, and call with all the necessary information in order to get an accurate price quote. You don’t want to have any cost surprises later on!

freight shipping

Use a Shipping Calculator:

After you’ve figured out the weight of your shipment, you can then figure out the freight class and use a freight class calculator to determine the cost.

Reserve an Entire Truck:

When calling to make shipping arrangements, you will be asked if you have a truckload or less-than-truckload to ship. Less-than-truckload is classified as anything under 19,999 lbs.

Even if you don’t have enough to fill a truck, you can save money and the stress of having another person’s furniture on top of yours during shipment if you just book the entire truck.

This way, you don’t have to worry about another person’s chair getting packed on top of your breakables and will have a more direct delivery without the extra stop.

Use Colored Shrink-Wrap:

It is always a good idea to shrink-wrap your valuables and anything that might break during shipping. What most people don’t think of is using colored shrink-wrap. There have been instances of people or the moving company replacing shrink-wrap after opening with their own, clear wrap.

If yours is colored, it will be easy to tell if anything has been tampered with and you can report it immediately to the shipping company.

Don’t Let Shippers Through the Front Door:

Believe it or not, freight shipping companies will charge you just for bringing your belongings in any further than your front door. Even if they don’t mention it to you in the moment, you will later get charged with an inside delivery fee. To avoid this, have all belongings placed just inside your door and no further.

Don’t Sign Off Until You Check:

As soon as your belongings are unloaded off the truck, you will be handed a proof of delivery form. Do not sign it until you have checked everything that was shipped.

This form is not simply to prove that your belongings were delivered, but it is also meant to ensure that your belongings arrived safely. If you sign before checking, you will be responsible for your own broken items instead of the shipping company.

Be Prepared To Wait:

You will not be given a specific time that your shipment will arrive. Rather, you will be assigned a window of time, often up to eight hours, in which your shipment could arrive at any time. Be patient, and plan to be at home for the entirety of your delivery day.

Use these tips when arranging to have your belonging fright-shipped, and reap the benefits of this cost-effective and convenient way to move. Good luck!