What to Expect from the Bail Bond Process?

Bail Bond

You might not want to think about it, but one day you may be on your way to jail. If so, you may be given the opportunity to get out on bail. This could simply mean paying a small fine at the detaining facility. But for most people, it means going before a judge.

What Is Bail?

Bail ensures that an incarcerated person appears at all scheduled court appearances. Usually it’s cash, but the judge could ask for other assets. The court keeps the bail until the case is resolved.

How Much Does Bail Cost?

The bail amount varies with the alleged offense. The best outcome is being released on your own recognizance, with a written promise to appear substituting for monetary bail. But this is typically reserved for minor offenses committed by people with no criminal record. If a judge decides to set your bail higher than you can afford, is there anything you can do? Most definitely!

Hiring a Bail Bond Agent

If you can’t come up with your bail, your next-best option is to work with a reliable licensed bail bond agent such as wayne county bail bonds. By paying the bail bond agent’s non-refundable fee equaling 10% of your court-assessed bail, you can be out of jail and on your way home or back at your job. And it usually takes less than 24 hours!

The Bottom Line

As long as you keep your word and show up for all your court appearances, you won’t have to pay anything beyond the 10-percent bail bondsman’s fee. And if there’s a good reason why you can’t make an appearance, the bondsman can let the court know so it can be rescheduled.

Winding up in jail can certainly be stressful. But having a trustworthy bail bond company such as wayne county bail bonds to steer you through the bail process can make it much less so!