What Makes Vita Talalay Mattresses So Strong?


When it comes to buying a mattress, Vita Talalay is one of the most renowned companies for purchasing from. The brainchild of Joseph Talalay, this is a company which is all about creating quality, safe, natural and environmentally friendly products. As the creator of the Vita Talalay process, this provides a strong kind of mattress that is all about added comfort, control and stability. What, though, has made them the market leader when it comes to finding a reliable and safe kind of latex mattress that you can trust to last for years to come?

Refining the Process

One of the main reasons why Vita Talalay is the go-to choice for so many stems from the fact that the mattress is made in such a unique manner. By providing you with a latex base for the mattress which is then filled with air, encased, vacuumed and then frozen, this adds incredible levels of stability to the mattress.

Add in the fact that the expansion process that takes place before freezing ensures that open cells are locked into the mattress to help with expansion, and this is a very innovative mattress. This is more than your standard style, giving you a fantastic quality of design that uses a unique form of heating and freezing to make solidity a must.

For example, this provides you with a mattress which has been “cooked” at 115 degrees Celsius. Then, it is washed, dried and tested to ensure the process has worked each and every day. This leaves the mattress feeling strong, sturdy and comfortable while ensuring that the benefits of the mattress won’t fade or plateau anytime soon. Thanks to this, you can enjoy a much more comfortable quality of living that is bound to leave you with a level of comfort beyond what you have presently.

A Natural Product

Another reason why the Vita Talalay latex mattress range is so strong, though, stems from how they are made. These mattresses go through an extensive process of being managed, optimized and improved. The rubber trees that are extracted from are done so with care and precision, ensuring that the natural and safe latex within is at the best possible level of quality.

Thanks to this, non-latex mattresses pale in comparison to the quality of the mattress. The natural creation ensures that it won’t be degrading anytime soon, and it will also help to maximize the overall level of comfort and control that you feel when trying to get used to the mattress. When synthetic materials are being used in the mattress, it leaves you with very little wiggle room in terms of the longevity of the mattress.

When made from only the finest and most natural of latex, this ensures that you will be left with everything that you could possibly need. So, for more help in finding yourself a mattress that is durable, comfortable and long-lasting all at once, you should look to Vita Talalay for sure!