What is a Masters in ‘Applied’ Psychology


You don’t have to be an aspiring counselor to get an online masters in psychology. Many schools are offering a more targeted masters program that takes the foundations of psychology and applies them to business. This coursework offers several advantages that include:

  • Flexible online classes with qualified instructors
  • The ability to further your education while still attending to work and family responsibilities
  • Curricula that are geared toward enhancing your performance in almost any industry
  • Shorter completion times than a traditional masters without sacrificing prestige

What is a Masters in ‘Applied’ Psychology?

This degree program was designed to appeal to business leaders in fields like human resource management, marketing and communications or business administration. It combines organizational psychology and consumer behavior to help managers make informed decisions about everything from hiring and employee evaluations to why customers become loyal to certain brands or how they shop. Applied psychology ties in the traditional study of human behavior with technology, research and social media studies to provide a robust range of knowledge.

How Can It Benefit My Career?

Any advanced degree will reflect well on you, both professionally and financially. Improving your education provides you with authority and instills confidence in yourself and from others who work with you. A masters in applied psychology gives you new tools and allows you to build a specific skill set that has a range of applications in any field or industry. You’ll be able to:

  • Increase your problem-solving acumen
  • Improve communication and strategic thinking skills
  • Enhance your data collection and analysis capabilities
  • Discover ways to develop a more efficient and satisfying work environment
  • Use foundations of psychology to attract and retain high-quality staff

Because this program is designed to help you succeed, you’ll learn relevant information that transfers seamlessly to real-world applications. The advantages don’t just apply in-house, either. You’ll be able to discern how modern advertising platform like social media and digital marketing affect how customers interact, and how that interaction influences their behavior in the marketplace. That will help your company craft more effective customer outreach.

What Are the Prerequisites?

All that’s required is an undergraduate degree from an accredited university, preferably in business administration, human resource management, psychology or marketing. You also need internet access, a willingness to learn and the drive to get ahead. You school will provide the rest.

What is the Curriculum Like?

Although specifics may vary from school to school, the program consists of four semesters. Because it’s online, you can finish at your own pace without overloading your schedule or burning yourself out. The coursework itself is project-based and focuses on real scenarios to offer a more practical viewpoint.

The first 20 units are foundational in nature. Then you’ll have eight of the units of study that focus on advanced application, building on the foundational classes, and another eight units of practicum coursework, usually an internship. The required courses might include:

  • Research methods
  • Seminars in human behavior in organizations and business environments
  • Consumer psychology

The degree program is rounded out with courses like groups dynamics and leadership, cross-cultural psychology and workshops in quantitative measurements. Most of the degrees are universally accepted, and some offer opportunities to study overseas.

Modern institutes of higher learning are bending over backwards to cater to today’s students. Online degree programs from reputable, accredited colleges and universities are a part of that trend.