Weird Facts About Bail Bonds


People may think they know a lot about bail bonds but this is not always necessarily the case. In fact, there are many strange facts which one may encounter that they have not known before. Here are just a few of them.

  1. Contrary to popular belief, the bail bond agent is not able to negotiate the amount of the bail. The amount of bail is actually set by the judge and the court, and in some cases by the laws of the state in which the crime was committed.
  2. Bail is not available in every state in the country. In fact, in most states, there are crimes for which bail is not available. These crimes would include such things as murder or cases of violent assault. There are also times in which the risk of flight may be too great and the judge decides to not order a bail amount.
  3. When you pay the premium to a bondsman arapahoe county colorado, this fee is non-refundable. The client should essentially think of this as the wage of the bondsman because that is exactly what it is. This is the way the bondsman makes their living.
  4. The amount of the bond may be appealed if the defendant feels it is too high. However, as stated before, the bondsman will be unable to help with this matter. Instead, the defendant will need to hire an attorney to help with such a matter. This will ensure they get the best help possible from someone experienced with the law. As you can see, there are some very interesting facts concerning the job and state of being a bail bondsman. There are much more interesting facts as well, so be sure to keep reading other articles to learn more about them.