Watch Movie at PVR Logix IMAX Noida and be prepared for a stunning experience

IMAX Noida

Watching a movie with friends or family members is one of the favourite pass times for many people. Just the idea of enjoying a movie together brings so much excitement and     fun in life. Although, there is no dearth of movie halls in the city PVR Logix IMAX Noida is famous for its address and amazing amenities available. Here, we give you a brief glimpse about PVR Cinemas and the awesome experience they provide to the movie revellers.

Stunning Interiors

When taking time out and planning to watch a movie, why not go to a place that makes you feel happy and content. PVR Cinemas instantly relaxes people with its subtle interiors that leave visitors spell-bound. The lighting effect and gleaming interiors help them relax and enjoy more with their near and dear ones before entering the auditorium to watch a movie.

Big Screen and amazing sound effect

When one watches a movie on a huge screen with amazing sound effect, the impact of the story is far greater and memorable for the viewers. Even a simple movie turns into a magnum opus when watched on a huge screen amidst reverberating sound. It is for this reason, movie buffs love watching their favourite flicks in a theatre rather than watching at home on a TV.

Delicious Munchings

PVR Cinemas offer an extensive range of snacks and drinks that can be enjoyed while watching a movie. There is something to please every palate, right from light snacks to sumptuous spreads, one can choose anything. If you wish to munch on any of these delectable snacks while movie watching, you can place an order with PVR Staff and they will deliver your order right at your seat at the time specified by you. It cannot get more personal than this. It is services par excellence.

Effortless Ticket Booking

PVR Logix IMAX Noida ticket booking is very simple and convenient. You can go to a reliable platform like and check out show times of the movie you would like to watch. Once decided, click on the same and you will come across an image with vacant and occupied seats. Choose seats as per your choice and make payment. The payment gateway is totally safe and secure and gives you a lot of payment options. Choose any one of them and proceed further. You will get a message regarding your ticket booking and you are all set for your anticipated movie-watching experience.

Location of the theatre

PVR Logix IMAX Noida enjoys a premium location. It is situated in the heart of the city with a metro station right outside its premises. This makes it more accessible for the movie buffs coming here to catch a movie. Its easy approach and location has also made it quite famous. There are 15 screens in the theatre and allow people to catch movies of their choice. Movies in different languages and genres are screened at the theatre.

So, visit, book your tickets and embark on an amazing movie-watching journey.