Want to Sell That MacBook Air?

new mackbook

If you’re like most you paid an estimated £900 or more, depending on the bells and whistles, for your MacBook Air. But that time comes in all of your electronics life when it no longer adapted to your needs. It’s time to upgrade, but what are you to do with your MacBook Air? I think I found the best solution, and it could actually pay for that new Mac you were looking at.

MacBack provides a MacBook Air trade in quote within 40 seconds of submission. While providing typically a 48hr turnaround time. And who doesn’t like immediate gratification? That’s why they give you immediate payment by bank transfer or PayPal. They don’t just take working devices though. If you have a broken MacBook Air that you are looking to sell, they’ll take that too.

You are not just limited to selling MacBook Air laptops though. You have an Apple product you want to trade? No matter the condition they will give you something. I’ve seen iMac get sold to MacBack for £1400. MacBook Pros sold for £1200 and iPads for £225. The best thing isn’t just the pricing of what you get back, but the simplicity of the process.

You start by finding and dusting off that old MacBook Air that you want to sell and figure out a few things: What model MacBook Air is it? Does it still run? Is there any physical damage? Cosmetically, how is it? Great now that we know these few things you would request a quote by inputting the information.

Within moments you are contacted back with a quote. If you like it, and I’m sure you will, you would then arrange pickup of the device by one of MacBack’s couriers. Best thing is they come when it is convenient for you (between 9 and 5:30). Once picked-up and verified you are paid immediately through transfer or PayPal.

They do bulk buying as well. So, do you have multiple items to off load? Great contact MacBack using their contact us form and they will be contact you for a custom quote. So how long does this process take? Once your device is picked-up it goes through a verification process. Once this process begins it takes on average of 48hrs.

One of There are steps and information that is critical for a smooth transaction. Here are a few helpful article and links to help with you MacBook Air selling experience.

You should always backup your data before you do anything, sign out of iTunes, remove device from iCloud, and sign out of all account services including iMessage.