Using Cameras to Inspect and Unblock your Drain


A unique method of unblocking and preventing drains from becoming blocked again after they have been attended to, is to make a call to The Pipe Doctor Plumbing & Drain. A unique and secure preventative method ensures that the troublesome drain is attended to properly, at the same time making sure all efforts are used to prevent it from becoming blocked again.

The Pipe Doctor uses CCTV cameras to examine your drain. The method of inserting a CCTV waterproof and ruggedized camera into a blocked drain can see what and where the drain pipe is blocked. The Pipe Doctor makes use of cameras to find out what is causing the blockage, i.e. tree roots or obstructions that re-occur and eliminate these problems for good.

Camera Inspection Services Due to the use of CCTV cameras the Pipe Doctor will perform a professional advanced inspection of your drain/s. Their equipment is highly accurate and is able to tell if and where the pipe may be damaged, either letting soil and other material such as roots, block your drain or sewer through cracks in the drain wall. From there forward they are able to advise you of the best course of action to have the drain pipe/s repaired. Using this inspection service should enable correct repairs to be carried out so that the drain does not block again, unless damaged. Furthermore, any misaligned pipes or corroded sections can be replaced. There are many applications for The Pipe Doctor’s precision camera equipment such as retrieving a lost trinket or treasure that has accidently fallen into a drain or sink. This can be located by the use of their advanced camera equipment and retrieved.

Buying a new house? If you are buying a house, The Pipe Doctor can do an advanced check of all sewers and drains and issue a report. This service can be extended to all water pipes, faucets and water heating equipment etc. There may be a host of problems, including septic tanks that need attention all of which can be sorted out prior to the purchase. A good thing to check for is mildew on walls or cornices in the house and even in the garages and outbuildings. This is a sure sign of leaky pipes.  Inspecting and reporting on all plumbing aspects of a house may well warn you of a costly exercise around the corner and can therefore affect the purchase price.

Similarly, there are a host of other expert services that can be provided by The Pipe Doctor for which their CCTV can be used, for example: Blocked incoming water lines, and backed up sewerage. Corroded and/or leaking pipes can lead to costly plumbing expenses if not attended to. You can ask The Pipe Doctor for a free estimate for repairs to be carried out and can be a costly exercise if left.

Undoubtedly, The Pipe Doctor Plumbing & Drain, a service provider for the Northern Virginia Sewer and Line Excavation Service, offers exceptional plumbing services.