Use Technology Smartly to Watch Movies in Kolkata


Planning to watch a movie in Kolkata this weekend? With shopping going on in full swing at this time of the year in the city, what better way to add more colors to the festivity than to catch-up on a movie that you have been wanting to watch for a long time.  And you don’t even have to plan things well in advance. Whichever location your shopping takes you, you would just need to spare a few minutes in between to open up the App in your mobile and book the show at a multiplex nearby. It is actually that simple!

Booking online movie tickets on the go is no more a cause of stress or tension. You just need to have the relevant App downloaded on your mobile. The Apps are fast and completes the process in seconds or minutes. You can also open up the site of the aggregator on your smart phone and use a similar process to book the tickets online. Have fun, experience the most amazing movie watching event, enjoy the festive spirit – all this with a sense of responsibility.

While the joy and glee of watching a movie in Kolkata with family and friends should not be diminished in anyway, remember to be careful and practice caution while making the booking online. It is for the safety of your personal details and your hard-earned money! Few precautionary steps that need to be exercised during the process are: –

  1. It is best to use the mobile data of your cellular service provider on your mobile phone. In case using any other device like a tablet, laptop or PC, it is advisable to use a secure wireless connectivity. It is best not to use Wi-Fi systems that are available free in public places.
  2. Using an electronic wallet can save you from the possibility of your personal data being lost or being accessed in an unauthorized manner. E-wallets are the latest craze because of their superior security features. This wallet is loaded with money direct from your bank account as per your directions – you can refill it at any point in time, just before you require using the wallet – everything is as per your discretion. While using the e-wallet you are not asked for any bank account number, password, card number or CVV, hence it is the safest method of digital payment.
  3. Remember not to press the refresh button or back button once the process has been initiated. Either of these actions will not only delay your watching a movie in Kolkata, it will also lead to suspension of the action being carried out by the servers and the network which may result in the money being debited without any confirmation on the tickets being booked. Whatever time the system takes to perform the job, let it happen on its own without interfering. Once the transaction is aborted or suspended and if the money is also debited, it might take 2-3 weeks to get the money back.