Unmatchable benefits of a Self Driven Car


7 Unbelievable benefits of a Self-Driven Car 

Road safety has become a topic of discussion all over the world with everyone trying to find a way to make the roads safer. According to the world health organization, about 1.25 million people globally die each year as a result of road accidents. The organization also predicts that if no viable action is taken, then road accidents could be the seventh leading cause of death by the year 2030.

With this in mind, there have been many advancements on the technological front that are aimed at making the driving experience safer for both the car habitats and pedestrians. Safety measures such as speed governors and traffic lights have been introduced with an aim to make the roads safer. Another one of these advancements is the self-driving or autonomous car and in line with the chatter revolving around it, this could just be the solution needed to significantly reduce the number of lives lost in traffic incidents each year. Here is why:

1. Reduced traffic incidents

There are several risk factors that are associated with a majority of the incidents that happen. Some of these factors; over speeding, driving under the influence, distracted driving, use of worthy road vehicles, poor infrastructure, and non-adherence to traffic laws. The self-driven car, however, is programmed to determine when to stop, distance from other vehicles and the behavior of the said vehicles. This eliminates room for error while driving, offering you a much safer ride.

2. Great aid for elderly, disabled and sick people

With the heavy dependence on loved ones to get them around, the self-driven car plays a big role in providing them with a sense of independence. Disabled people and the elderly are able to get from place to place on their own since the car does the navigation. If a sick person has an emergency at their home and they need to rush to the hospital, in case an emergency response team delays, then the self-driven car would be able to comfortably drive them to the hospital. These play a big role in saving the number of lives lost due to last responses by emergency response teams.

3. Increased competence

Several benefits from a self-driving car increase competency on the road. This includes eased congestion and real-time course optimization.

• Eased congestion

Self-driving cars are programmed to exercise caution on the road and with this comes a reduction in the number of traffic incidents. Fewer traffic incidents automatically translate to fewer road congestion that leads to hours of traffic.

• Real-time course optimization

The self-driven car is able to communicate to other vehicles and this gives it an ability to choose the best route according to information it picks up as it drives. This ensures that you are not stuck up in traffic for hours while there is a better route that could get you to your destination faster and save time. Using this feature, the self-driven cars are also able to get information on any imminent danger such as potholes.

4. Less Energy Consumption

Keeping in mind the efficiency that a self-driven car provides, the amount of energy that is consumed daily by your vehicle could significantly reduce. Also, with the number of reduced road accidents, the weight of heavier vehicles such as trucks could reduce, and with the reduction in weight, vehicles consume less energy.

 According to a research done on the effect of self-driven cars on fuel consumption, it is expected that by the year 2030 vehicles could be 25 percent lighter and this could reduce consumption by 7 percent. It is, however, important to note that this boat could rock in the other direction as well. Fuel consumption could increase with the newly found dependency on the elderly and disabled in the communication.

5. More relaxed drives

A majority of road accidents are as a result of the people behind the wheel not fully focusing on the task at hand. Drivers are often distracted by their phones, too tired that they end up falling asleep behind the wheel, under the influence or plain arrogance in their driving. With the possibility of having vehicles that can self-drive, drivers are given more time to relax and unwind while commuting from one area to the next. The possibility of a self-driving car also means that the habitats of the car have a chance to multi task and unwind. You can take a nap as your car gets you home from a hard day at work, or catch up on some paperwork as your car drives you to a meeting.

6. Elimination of Parking hassles

Another ultimate benefit of self-driven cars is that you do not have to spend your valuable time searching for a great parking spot. The self-driven car can be programmed to get you to your destination then drive off and look for parking at a different spot, then eventually come pick you up after you are through.  

7. Higher speed limits

Since self-driven cars have the ability to communicate to one another, know when to stop and start, and are programmed to remain at specific interludes with each other, the cars are able to maintain higher speeds while keeping the risk of traffic incidents at a minimal. This is a huge advantage for you since you are now able to get to your destinations quicker.

The idea of having cars that can drive themselves has been around for a while, but the technology to develop them fully has always been lacking. With recent advances in technology such as satellites, laser machinery, and networking, the dream has been made a reality. There are several companies such as Tesla that have been doing test runs in automated cars, which have proven successful thus far. These amazing advances mean that you could, in the near future, simply relax as you take a drive to work, the beach, or a vacation because your car will be doing all the work for you. The innovation of these great cars is another step in the right direction for a safer, more technologically advanced future.