Unlocking the S6 phone – A comprehensive overview


To unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 T-Mobile or to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 At&t Mobile, you will need the unlock code which will help you to unlock these devices from a particular carrier network. As you are done with the unlocking process, you can switch over to any other network provider you feel like! You can also opt for Pre-paid SIM cards as per your need and you can easily switch to any other network provider if they offer best deals.

The process of unlocking needs to be done from authorised stores or from the Samsung Customer Care who are experienced in handling such devices. This unlocking process is not illegal and you can avail this service both online and offline at a normal charge. It is a quick service and is extremely cost-effective.

If you wish to unlock your phone online, you do not need to download any extra software. You can trace the websites who provide these services and sign up on their website. As you log into your account, you will have to submit a request for unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S6. In doing so, you will receive an email with the AT&T Network Unlock Code for your Samsung Galaxy S6 along with an instruction manual.

How to Get the Samsung Galaxy S6 IMEI Unlock Code?

  1. To figure out the IMEI of your mobile handset, dial *#06# and press the call button.
  2. Now you will find a 15 digit number flashing on the screen. Note down the IMEI number for future purpose where you will require it.
  3. Visit the company’s online webpage from whom you have decided to receive the service of unlocking your phone.
  4. Fill in the IMEI number in the input box and submit your request.

As you submit the IMEI number, the company will be accessing the Samsung master database. In that database, all the IMEIs of the Samsung devices are registered starting from their model number to when they were purchased. The company will get to view the date when the phone was manufactured, what colour the Samsung Galaxy S6 is, the registration number and the current status of the device whether it is locked or unlocked. As they enter the master database, they will send you an e-mail on your registered email ID. The mail will comprise the AT&T network unlock code for Samsung Galaxy S6 and following the instruction manual complete the following steps which are discussed below.

  1. Switch off your AT&T network mobile handset.
  2. Take out the previous AT&T network SIM card from the device.
  3. After taking out the SIM card, switch on the phone again.
  4. After it restarts, enter the AT&T Network Unlock IMEI code that you received on your registered email ID.
  5. Your AT&T device is now unlocked from the previous network and you can use the device to avail the service of any other network provider whom you think is providing the best deal!

By following these steps, your phone will be successfully unlocked. However, if you are still unable to unblock it or there are any glitches available, contact your customer care service immediately.