Understand the benefits, expenses and risks involved with Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Spinal Surgery


About Cervical corpectomy spinal surgery

Cervical corpectomy similar to ACDF (Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion) is said to be performed from the neck’s front portion. Corpectomy means eliminating the vertebral body. It is the cervical vertebra’s major part that appears like that of a building block. Basically, it is a lengthy ACDF. Moreover, Corpectomy takes place when cervical discs of two or more are to be eliminated.

In some patients, taking out couple of discs along with intervening bodies is quite easy. It is because, there is present bony spurs (osteophytes) behind the body, while the disc space is found to be narrow. A large exposure area is present by removing the cervical body that is quite easier to be worked instead of working down the narrow disc space. It is for the same reason that Corpectomy is performed as ACDF. However, when couple of disc levels related to bony spurs, presses upon the spinal cord or cervical spine tumors. The best doctor for spine surgery in India is sure to recommend the most appropriate procedure for the patients that will suit their specific requirements.

Why perform Anterior Cervical Corpectomy spinal surgery?

The below mentioned are few of the reason to avail this type of spinal surgery.

  • Anesthesia: In this case, general anesthetic is not used.
  • Blood loss: It is 10 times lesser than what is experienced in conventional surgery.
  • Clinical outcomes: It is quite encouraging with over 80% patients sustaining when examined after 2 to 4 years.
  • Nerve damage: Damage to the nerve is avoided with this procedure.
  • Complications: When compared to fusion, the complications arising is 7 times much lesser and also less severe.
  • Patient feedback and reviews: More accurate diagnosis along with targeted surgery is availed.

Cost involved in performing Anterior cervical corpectomy spinal surgery

The expenses involved in this type of surgery are likely to vary as it is based upon the surgery extent to be carried out. The expenses also are said to be depended upon the best spine surgery doctor in India performing the surgery, location along with other factors. There are available financing options in financing spine surgery for covering the procedure cost

Generally, the cost involves three types of fees:

  • Facility fees
  • Anesthesia fees and
  • Surgical fees

The individual fees again are said to be dependent upon the extent of surgery performed. The procedure ultimately will depend upon individual objectives and needs. During the initial consultations with the surgeon, it will be useful to discuss all the issues and options that are available to get the best possible treatment, to eliminate the risks involved and to make the procedure affordable and of high quality as much as possible.

Some risks involved in spinal surgery

There are few risks involved like infection, paralysis and even death. But with proper diagnosis, care and taking help of the best spine surgeon in the field is sure to help the patient to recover quickly and enjoy a fabulous life.