Unanswered Questions on lean manufacturing That You Should Know About


The TXM helps in determining the Lean manufacturing of a business. There is a team of consultants that will help with this. There is a process that is used by these consultants that helps in ensuring support to the business.

The following are procedures they will be following:

·      Key value streams

The TXM has come up with a plan that can help a business to engulf this process to get the maximum output. For this, the very first step is to ensure that the key value streams of the business need to be determined. By identifying the key value stream, it is important for the initial improvements; this will help in learning and developing an approach that will help with the betterment of the business and the team. In any kind of business, it is important the process that will add the value to the customers.

To identify the value stream, there are a lot of actions that are taken into consideration to determine the value stream. These actions are referred to as waste actions, and hence don’t not have any direct value. But this is unavoidable to the technology that is used for safety and quality reasons. Hence, it is important to understand that these waste actions need to be reduced as this will have a dramatic effect on the company’s bottom line.

Steps to identify the Key value streams

1.   Grouping the Products – This can be done with the help of the process steps, machine steps or like services. Even if the products have different end users, the process is what matters in the grouping of the products.

2.   Product Family – The next step is that the business will need to choose only one product family. This can be used in implementing the principles of the lean. This will solely be determined by the situations on which the business depends on.
3.   Initial Walk Through – The next step is that the TXM consultant who will be visiting the factory or the office. There will be a complete study of the products that are created with the services that are offered. This initial walk through will start with the customer and will be analyzed backwards. The next step will be to create a value stream map and this will give a more detailed picture of the value stream.

Value Stream Mapping Process

Once these processes are done, the TXM will be able to carry on with the next step. The process that has been established should be moved to a value stream map. The actual walking of the of the value stream on the plant floor, or the office floor and the value added time and the non-value added time, thereby making sure that a visual map is being created.

Purpose of the Value Stream Map

·      This will help in developing a common understanding, which will help in identifying activities, especially those that do not add any value to the end product.
·      Eliminating the activities will ensure that the business will be faster in growth, and this will give a higher level of quality with a reduced inventory.