Transmitter issues of JJRC H31 Quadcopter


For the JJRC H31 Quadcopter transmitter problems like no reaction, cannot management the drone, indicator flashing; this fixing guide will effectively solve these cases.

The transmitter has no reaction even when putting in battery.

  • Please check whether or not the positive and negative terminals of battery are put in properly. There’s a mark within the battery case, follow the indication to put in them.
  • Check whether or not the batteries install tightly. If a number of them are unsnarled, the electrical circuit cannot be connected moreover.
  • perhaps a number of the batteries already run out of the ability. merely modification four new batteries to own a attempt.
  • If the on top of conditions are eliminated, the foremost potential reason ought to be the transmitter is broken or the within electrical circuit/cables have one thing wrong. Please take it to AN RC store to see and fix.
  • the primary condition may well be the transmitter and also the drones aren’t paired well. Thus notwithstanding however you use the transmitter, the drone will not react to the orders. Merely bind them once more. Shut down each the transmitter and also the drone, and then launch them once more. Create them nearer, and move the left joystick to the highest then rock bottom, once the symptoms of the 2 devices stop flashing, they’re connected well.
  • The drone’s battery can run out. During this condition, the drone cannot follow the transmitter’s order well – typically it reacts to the management, someday not. Thus please charge the drone’s battery with its original USB cable.
  • The transmitter’s battery power isn’t enough. Therefore, the signal the transmitter free can become weak, which is able to influence the drone’s signal receiving. Merely modification four new batteries for the device.
  • the remote signal is influenced by the encompassing surroundings. Once you are flying the RC Quadcopter drone, please opt for AN open space while not obstacles, buildings, and towers. Otherwise, the wireless signal may well be affected. And also, the wind can influence the drone’s reaction, too. Thus an honest weather is additionally necessary.
  • certify the transmitter and also the drone arekeep within the effective distance one hundred meters, the drone can lost the management.
  • once all the factors are excluded, the transmitter is broken, or the drone’s signal receiving part is broken. Please take it to AN RC toy look to see and fix. If the matter is serious that some main part has to be modified, please contact the after-sales service for suggestion.

If you’ve got purchased the JJRC H31 RC drone from U.S.A., however the guide does not solve your problems, please don’t hesitate to urge up-to-date. Simply fill within the price ticket together with your queries at our Support Center and send it to U.S.A. We are going to do our greatest to upset your drawback as shortly as potential.