Top most free chatting apps for smartphones


Every smartphone user is looking to get the effective chat apps for the people to keep in contact with their friends as well as the family. Whether, if the people looking through the Android market, they can find the various Free Chat apps like the Kakaotalk, We chat,line and many more apps. Suppose, if  the user makes use of the windows phone, then they are looking for the another same or the possible applications right now. The windows phone user will find the numerous apps for chatting with  the windows store. Therefore, some of the apps will support the windows phone and some of the apps will not support the windows phone. Some of the apps like the Nimbuzz Messenger Free, Viber Free and the Whats APP Messenger are the most popular messaging apps that are used by most of the people throughout the world. These are the best chatting apps available in the market nowadays. First, let’s see the details about the Nimbuzz messenger chat app.

Nimbuzz Messenger app

This app is the free app that is available for all the windows smartphone as well as this app is the voice over IP client  that enables the user to make the unlimited free phone calls along with the Free Chat on one of the other Nimbuzz user.whereas, this application is an excellent tool for the windows phone users to make contact with their friends or else the relatives who used Nimbuzz to make a call and to talk with the friends with the help of the internet connection. Normally, this app also contains the same features like the several other chat applications available in the market. With the help of this app, the user will have the ability to add the contact and synchronized with their mobile phone as well as the social media account and so on like that. Along with that, the user also gets the additional option of sending the tweet to the Nimbuzz friend and make use of the free avatar and the much more tweets. Suppose, if the person need to make the international call, then Nimbuzz gives the NimbuzzOut call service with the best price range for the users.

Whatsapp Messenger

 The other important app that every smartphone users make use for chatting is the Whatsapp. This is one of the most familiar apps that is used by every smartphone users in all around the world.  This messenger app is similar to the other chat app which gives permission to the user to send the free text messages along with the user can also share the audio and the video files with the help of this app. Whatsapp also enables the user to get the quick conversation. The another additional option given by this app is the user has the ability to use the emotion icons as well as they have given the chance to alter the background and the audio or else the video they chat with the Whatsapp friends.