Top 5 NZ Retreats for Food and Wine Lovers


Let’s face it; there isn’t any other plan that is as exciting as taking a motorhome rental New Zealand and exploring the best in food and wine in the country. No matter where you go in the world, one of the most exciting experiences to be had is getting to know the local cuisine and drinks.

New Zealand boasts of some great wineries and excellent locations for trying delectable food. While many wouldn’t think it, it’s actually one of the world’s top places for gourmet meals and wine tastings. Whether you are looking for top Pinot Noirs or want to taste some sparkling champagne, New Zealand is actually one of the best places to do it. To help you plan your food and wine road trip, the following NZ retreats can help you get started:

1.Classic New Zealand Wine Trail

A unique wine experience, the Classic New Zealand Wine Trail is a great way to spend your time while in New Zealand. Since it is a self-driving touring route, you can take a motorhome rental New Zealand and experience comfort while getting to know the best wines around.

Starting in Hawkes Bay and heading to Malborough, some of the highlights of this trip are the Martinborough wineries, Gladstone vineyards, and Masterton wineries. As these are some of the best wineries in the country, you will be sure to enjoy every wine tasting you try. Check out the area for campgrounds to stay at to ensure that you have an excellent, stress-free xperience.

  1. Stay at Delamore Lodge and visit Cable Bay Vineyards on Waiheke Island

There are plenty of places to stay at Waiheke Island should you want to take a break from campervan living and truly enjoy what is one of the best wine destinations in New Zealand. Delamore Lodge just happens to be one of the most recommended resorts in the area and with good reason. From views of the ocean to great service, it’s a great place to go to be pampered.

While on the island, you’ll have the opportunity to visit many vineyards, but you should definitely make Cable Bay Vineyards your number one priority. There, you will have the opportunity to try deliciously unique wines, thanks to the island location. You’ll be able to enjoy wine tasting while observing the views of the ocean beyond while relaxing on the lawn.

But, don’t stop there—make sure to put some of the other local wineries on your to-see list.

  1. The Sounds Retreat in Marlborough Sounds

While in Marlborough Sounds for wine tasting and gourmet meals, consider the option of staying at The Sounds Retreat. There is a reason why this is one of the most desirable places to stay at while in the area. Situated on a hill, it’s a fabulous place that offers luxury and views of the vineyards below.

After a great night of rest, visit the classically beautiful wineries in the area. You’re in for some great wines.

  1. Vintners Retreat in the Marlborough Region

The Marlborough region is one of the most well-known wine regions in the country. It’s a popular destination for its quality wines, as well as it’s beautiful scenery. While you may be fine staying in a campervan in most cities, you may want to enjoy comfort and luxury while in wine country. Vintners Retreat is a favorite spot for wine and food lovers because it allows you to have your own little “house” after a day spent wine tasting.

From Nautilus Estate to Omaka Springs Estate, there are some great places to visit for wine tasting experiences that you won’t forget.

  1. Visit the Tirohana Estate in Martinborough

Martinborough is a favorite destination for wine lovers traveling through New Zealand. It is a wine village that boasts of several wineries, with the Tirohana Estate remaining a favorite for locals and visitors alike.

There, you can enjoy gourmet food and excellent wines as you appreciate the architecture of the estate itself. Other wineries that you should also take time to see in Martinborough are Coney Wines, Brodie Estate, and Luna Estate.

Fill Those Glasses

Wine-tasting anywhere is an enjoyable experience. It just happens to be extremely rewarding in New Zealand. We don’t know if it’s the weather, the people, the beauty, or simply the wines, but a road trip to explore wineries in this country is a remarkable experience.

Road tripping to get to know the best of New Zealand wines is an excellent way to get to know this gorgeous place. Find the perfect motorhome rental New Zealand and discover just how wonderful New Zealand wines and landscapes are. Whether you stay at campgrounds or you stay in luxury lodgings, treat yourself to a trip full of fun and beauty.