Tom Colton On Fusion Of Artificial Intelligence And Business


There has been a rapid advent of technology in last few years, and with this rapid advent and development of technology it has influenced almost every sector of this world such as business. Also, it has an individual effect on every human being, be it their social life or personal life. Tom Colton an expert on social matters says that this impact of technology on a person’s personal and social life have both positive and negative effects.

Understanding Machine learning

Recently, in news, there has been a lot of speculation about the rise and fall of artificial intelligence. It is basically the ability of the computer system to complete the given task on their own without any human help or one can say the intelligence that a computer system exhibits. In many countries such as USA, Russia, India, Ireland, there are scientists who are doing lots of research and development on artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has numerous application in various sectors around the globe. Different individuals focus on different aspects of artificial intelligence and work on different application of it, such as Americans are working for development of artificial intelligence in defense sector but Irish people are working for development of artificial intelligence in healthcare sector.

Latest Business Trends

Today, almost all enterprises and industries whether small, medium or large, are using latest technology as their chief goal is developing and growing their businesses. This is a digital age where everything has come online. Most of the growing businesses are functioning online, that is they are providing both products and services online. Starting a new business has become a lot easier than it was before. Earlier, people have to do everything on their own. For example, marketing a product was done by going on door to door and informing about the product or service that you are offering.

But today, with the help of social media and digital marketing, it has become an easy task. Now you can cover a large base of customer while marketing your product online because today almost everyone is using internet and social media platforms. You can order anything from the northern part of the world while sitting in southern part. However, at the same time, there have been a few disadvantages of this rapid technological growth. There has been a significant increase in online fraud cases, as people are hacking bank accounts. Also, there has been breaching of confidential information, which has become a threat in national security of many countries. There are many cases, which are going on in world courts related to issues like this.

Effects of Artificial Intelligence in Businesses sector

Artificial intelligence technologies are more likely to provide new market opportunities and new medium of information and transportation. For example, machines are doing tasks that were more time consuming and more prone to human errors in less time and with more accuracy. As Tom Colton rightly said that because of this productivity will increase and then more profits will start to flow in.