Tips to Sell Your Play Station 3 Console to an Agency


PlayStation, the name in itself is quite fascinating for the children of young age, especially teenagers and the launch of this gaming console has made them crazy to have one in their drawing room. The PlayStation was the fifth generation console and it was launched in the market in 1995. Since then there arenumber of consoles launched like PS 2, 3, 4, etc. Now the craze for these consoles has gone done and many users are selling them. Read the post to get some effective tips for selling your PS3.

  • Deal with a genuine agency

It is better to deal with thegenuine and reliable agency to sell your console. There are number of advantages of dealing with areliable agency like they offer thebest price for the device, do not delay in making the payment, etc.

  • Be sure about the price

Depending on total number of years you have used the device, decide the price for the console. Of course, it is always advised to have some realistic expectations. Price the device in such a manner so that the buyer finds it easy to sell the same.

  • Inquire about the mode of payment

Nowadays there are number of scams happening while online transaction. So, it would be better to accept payment in hard cash. But sometimes it becomes difficult to make avisit to the buyer physically. In such cases, one should always opt for reliable and trusted mode of online payment like Pay Pal and other modes.

  • Do not hand over the device before the payment

At times people make mistake and theyhandover the device to the buyer before the receiving the payment. And thus they buyer flew away without making the payment. One should always handover the device after receiving the full payment from the buyer. Remember, you will get end number of buyers but once the device is lost you will be left with nothing.

  • Do some homework

It would be better if you acquire some information about the buyer beforehand in order to avoid anyunwanted incident. In case the person is reluctant in sharing his/her details like contact number, email, address, etc., then do not opt for choosing that person.

Hope the readers will find the pointers discussed above helpful and they will of great help in selling your PS3 at best possible rate.