Tips on renewing your biometric passport


Individual and unique, the new type of biometric passport can serve as an identity document to its owner. It allows him to travel easily in different countries. Once the expiration of his passport is reached, it must be renewed.

When to renew your biometric passport?

You can renew your passport in the case of end of validity. For an adult, the validity period is 10 years and it is 5 years for a child. After this period, it is imperative to renew your biometric passport since it can be presented as an identity document.

If your passport does not have fingerprints yet, it is necessary to make a complete passport. Since the biometric passport is own unique to each individual, the identity of children no longer has the right to be on their parents’ passports.

For more security in the transport area, the individuality of the passport has been decreed. The main objective is to fight against any terrorist act. You can also apply to renew your passport if it has been stolen or lost.

Where to renew your biometric passport?

It is important to know that the documents to be provided may be different depending on where you are. You can pre-apply online by completing a questionnaire. Nonetheless, it is possible for you to go immediately to a town hall.

If a child is over 12, his presence is mandatory when he wants to renew his biometric passport. For minors who have not yet reached this age, their presence is optional. However, they are not allowed to make this type of request without the presence of a parent or tutor.

The complete documents are to be deposited with a town hall having a recording station.

How to renew your biometric passport?

In the case of a simple renewal of a biometric passport, some documents are necessary. It is essential to have in your possession a recent passport photo of a maximum of 6 months, a tax stamp and an original residence certificate accompanied by a photocopy. You also need a Cerfa form n ° 12100 * 02 which must be completed at the town hall or online.

Do not forget to bring your expired passport. You must submit the same documents in the case of a renewal due to a theft. In addition to this, you must obtain a declaration of loss of your biometric passport. Your birth certificate is not required for this kind of request. Minors must bring their old passport, a photo ID and a residence certificate. An identity document of the legal guardian with his photocopy is also required.

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