Tips for Throwing a Large Party


Whether you’re throwing a lavish bash for a birthday, anniversary or another special occasion, the thought of hosting a large number of guests may seem daunting. Yet with a few tips and tricks, you’ll not only be able to hold a memorable celebration for your honoree, but also enjoy the festivities along with the rest of the attendees.

Stay Attentive

Although the party is large, you can still make guests feel welcome, as if they’re at an intimate event. Try to greet each person as they arrive and make introductions for those who have never met before. Consider assigning a loved one to be sure the food, drinks and activities are running smoothly so you’ll have time to mingle with everyone. Ask friends to keep an eye out for anyone who may appear isolated so they can introduce the person to others who will make him feel more included.

Entertain the Crowd

Rather than try to keep guests occupied, consider hiring a party planner NY to provide entertainment for the event. Many companies offer services ranging from performers to games to DJs who can keep attendees engaged and in high spirits. Create photo opportunities throughout the space, such as booths or backdrops where people can take selfies to post to social media.

Keep it Simple

When planning for a large number of guests, don’t go overboard on the food and decorations. Choose a theme and color scheme and a few lunch, dinner or hors d’oeuvre options that will appeal to everyone. If you’re serving alcohol, consider offering just one or two different cocktails that suit the party motif. If you’re not having the party catered, enlist friends and family members to help with food preparation ahead of time.

A large number of guests doesn’t always mean huge trouble. With some preparation and organization, the crowd of friends and family members will reveal truth in the phrase “the more, the merrier.”