Tips for Choosing a Good Used Riding Floor Scrubber


Floor scrubbers are today considered the best way of cleaning a hard surface floor. The traditional mop and bucket used to work nicely during their times, but for how long will one clean the same area with such limited apparatus? This is why a used riding floor scrubber comes so handy in situations where cleaning has to be prompt and precise.  In addition, they are a lot less labor intensive meaning that an industry can significantly cut down on the labor costs in the long run.

Riding floor scrubbers can be very expensive, especially when they were not initially in your budget. This said, the cost does not have to be that mind-blowing as one could opt for a preconditioned riding floor scrubber, which can work just as well in floor cleaning. There are, however, some things to look at before going for a used version, to ensure that you have the right product. Here are a few tips to choosing a good used riding floor scrubber.

Readiness of the machine to work

A used riding floor scrubber is usually subject to a number of repairs and refurbishment prior to its ultimate sale. When it gets to the point where the scrubber is ready to be sold, it should also be ready to work immediately. This simply means that you as a client should not have to make any further repairs or upgrades, despite what you have been told. It is cost effective to purchase a used version, but its functions should be the same, if not more, than a new one.

Upgrades is a must

Now this is one area that could work very well for your cleaning solutions, if chosen wisely. A used riding floor scrubber has the advantage of having some upgrades which a completely new one may not necessarily have per se. This can be in the form of a new squeegee rubber installed throughout the machine to improve the cleaning experience, or simple upgrades like newer, more innovative scrub brushes.

Know your manufacturer

There is a pretty good chance that your machine may be subject to malfunctions if the manufacturer is not well known in the market. Because it is a used one, the chances of it being substandard in quality is high if you take a chance with a manufacturer who is virtually unknown in his practice.

The best course of action here is to purchase a used riding floor scrubber from a manufacturer who is conversant with what he is doing and who is well established. In this case, a refurbished machine will prove to be one deal you will live to appreciate in the long run.

These are the main factors to take into consideration when you are considering purchasing a used riding floor scrubber. At the end of the day, the machine will prove to be a great asset in your business. It will save you money while also being able to provide the cleaning solutions you need for a long time.