Throwing a Kick-Butt Bachelorette Party


As the maid of honor, many duties fall on you: Keeping the bridesmaids in check, signing the marriage license and probably the most important task of all, throwing the bachelorette party!

Wild and Crazy

If your bestie is a party girl, make the night one of dancing, drinking and well, partying! Of course, you’ll want to be smart and ensure your bride to be is safe. You may regret it if you have to know how to bail someone out of jail Scranton PA by the end of the night.

  • Rent a party bus so that you can cruise around in style, but none of you have to drink and drive.
  • Visit your local adult goods store and get all the naughty decor you can find: Banners, party favors and of course a big over-the-top sash for her to wear.

Classy and Calm

This kind of girl is more reserved and prefers to stay closer to home on special nights. Plan something for her that is more laid-back and elegant.

  • A bachelorette brunch or tea party is a tasteful way to send her off to marriage. Serve mimosas, hard sweet tea, and have everyone wear clothes worthy of meeting the Queen.
  • Decorate with flowers everywhere and ask each attendee to bring their favorite teacup. Have her tell the story of why it is important to her.

Slumber Party

Get all the girls together for a night of good old-fashioned fun in your pajamas. Kick all the boys out; this is a girls-only affair!

  • Do all the things you used to do at slumber parties as a little girl: Paint fingernails, play Truth or Dare, talk about boys and watch chick flicks on Netflix all night.
  • Create a vintage vibe by buying balloons and streamers. Let the bride feel like she’s a teenager with her best friends again!

You want the party to fit the bride, so pick a theme that reflects her personality. Throw an amazing, memorable party to help her kiss her single days goodbye.