Things You Must Know Before Making Business Card

Close-up of Businessman giving card to another businessman

It is very important to have a business card to give to your potential clients and you must pay special attention to its design and overall appearance. Here are some of things to bear in mind when you are getting your next set of 1Print Business Card.

Remember What Your Business Card is For

When creating your business card make sure that at a glance your potential client can know what your business is about. It should very distinctly and quickly capture the persons’ attention and be more than just contact details and a logo.

The business card is to make a very good first impression about your business so that it will generate a response for them to do business with you in the future. It is not necessarily to highlight your job title or your position in the business. That is not the main issue. The design of business card should give an indication of your type of business and you can portray this by using bullet points about your products, industry appropriate images and catchy informative slogans.

Make Your Business Card Memorable

Some business cards are rather dull and boring and overall, not quite appealing.   You need to make your card stand out and be remembered. How this is achieved will depend on the industry you are in and what would be most appropriate in the eyes of your prospective clients. First and foremost, make sure that the business logo is strategically placed on the business card. You can now add some value to your business card by promoting special offers on the back of the card which is redeemable on presentation. I t may even be used as loyalty cards and allow the holder to get discount. Utilizing the back of the business card is very effective as it encourages the holder to keep the card and make use of the services of that business.

Use Contact Details That People Will Use (and Can Reach You On!)

The contact information details on the business card need to up-to-date, relevant and the number that most customers are likely to use highlighted.

If your business has social media addresses such as Linked-In or Twitter, these should be included on the card, as well as the company email address and web addresses. This digital age that we now operate in is allowing us to be able to utilize a lot more space on the business cards than before, so all of that information will hold.

Use A Quality Printing Service

You can reduce your business costs by designing and printing your own business cards; the end product however, must not be sub-standard. The cost of having a commercial printer doing your business may not be as prohibitive as you may have thought since you may benefit from volume discounts.