The World Heritage Sites In Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a major tourist attraction nation owing to the number of world heritage features found here. These features includes old fortified towns, old towns, magnificent temples, ancient buildings royal cities and towering minarets. All these move to make the country have a reputation as having a rich collection of treasures which place the nation high as a great pool for domestic and foreign tourism. lt is no doubt then to see why there are tens of thousands of tourists throng to the country to have a taste of the great diversity in tourism offered in these heritage sites. A look at these sites includes a pick into the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, the sacred city of Anuradhapura, the Dutch forts in Galle the Kandy Royal city and the rock fortress of Signorina.

1. The ancient city of Polonaise

This was an important capital city of the ancient civilization of the ancient Sri Lanka kingdoms. The city has for some time now been documented as a major world heritage centre by UNESCO due to a variety of features which have withstood time to emerge as major sites of attractions. -The ancient city has stood to show the political diversity, discipline, leadership mastery and organization shown by ancient rulers of the kingdom. -The splendid designs and architecture used to construct these old buildings have stood the test of time and have since become a great tourist hub. Statues around the kingdom are also a great point of interest in the place. -The city also has fortified walls which were used to offer defence to the city from adversaries.

2.The sacred city of Anuradhapura

This ancient sacred city has clearly stood out as one of the oldest and largest ancient cities in the islands of the country tracing its origin and existence back to the 11th century. -The city is famed for having preserved the ruins of the great civilizations of the Sri Lanka kingdoms way back many centuries. -This is also very to Buddhists for it has a number of old temples and statues to Buddhist religious figures since the onset of the religion and this makes many people throng here to see such features. -Other features which are well shown in this city includes the ancient civilizations, their unique cultures and remarkable archaeological sites. -Anuradhapura is located about 205 km to the north of the capital Colombo in the North Eastern Province.

3.The Kandy Royal City

The remarkable city is found in the coastline of the country and owes its existence to the Kandy dynasty which had been in existence until its attack and fall due to British invasion in 1815. -The city boasts of buildings with spectacular architecture and designs, great relics, a show of the ancient political lifestyle of the people and great fortified city walls and boundaries. -The city was sandwiched in forts between mountains characterized with rough mountain terrains making it difficult for enemies to attack and wage war against the locals.

4.The Dutch Forts in Galle

This amazing city full of historic amusement is to be found on the south coast of Sri Lanka. -It boasts of an old touch and feel of a diverse Portuguese history in the country since their arrival in 1505. -The place has a diversity of old buildings and has grown to be a major port town of this country and continues to attract tourists who come and sample the historical features located here. -It is also surrounded by huge and mighty rocks which tower and conspicuously stand out from the ocean waters.