Vehicle accidents used to be caused by reckless driving, people speeding and not following the rules of the road. Thi Dao who’s a regular contributor to the business fleet website says “for the sake of productivity people have replaced theirs and the safety of others when behind the wheel”. How do we then control the behavior of a driver who’s in his car using his cellphone?


What It Does
Zoom safer is a software that is downloaded onto Blackberries and Windows mobile smartphones. Zoom safer locks the cellphone’s screen preventing the driver from using it while driving a car.

How It Works
Zoom safer uses the cellphone’s GPS and upon sensing movement of 15 mph, it locks the keypads and screen of the phone, thus the driver is unable to use their phone while operating a vehicle. The cellphone will be in use again when the driver stops the car and stops the software.


What It Does
Mobile eye uses an advanced warning system which uses a headway monitoring and forward collision warning that warns a driver if and when an imminent collision with a vehicle is ahead.

How It Works
Mobile has 3 features

  • Lane Departure Warning: This part of the software releases 3 warnings to the driver to alert them that they are no longer driving on their lane.
  • Headway Monitoring: The headway monitoring measures the distance that is between the driver and the vehicle that is directly in front of him.
  • Forward Collision: This calculates the closing rate between the driver and the vehicle in front of them, it uses the vehicle’s braking capabilities, and if it senses that there will be a collision, it releases a warning sound, while displaying visible warnings.


What it does
This system verbally alerts the driver when the driver displays dangerous driving behavior.

How It Works
This system uses GPS signals to ‘monitor’ the behavior of drivers and verbally alerts them that the manner in which they are driving is dangerous like when a driver is speeding, making high speed curves and not wearing a seat belt.


What It Does
This is a system that can be installed onto mobile phones, and it works like a GPS where it will verbally read your voice messages and e-mails to the driver without the driver actually touching their phone.


What It Does
This system offers a half hour training on driver safety and the lesson is called AVOIDING DISTRACTED DRIVING. It contains about 30 lessons.

How It Works

  • Fleet managers can go on this system’s website to get the safety lesson and managers can enroll any number of drivers.
  • This system enables administrators to give out specific safety lessons to their drivers, and the system tracks the driver’s progress and keeps records of their driving.

Hands free pocket system is sort of like a pouch that a driver sticks onto their car window, and when a call comes through, they just press the answer button and they can conduct their conversation without their cellphones being in their hand.

The above safety technology can also be used by people who have a provisional driving license, on the condition that they are driving with a more experienced driver and are insured to drive the car they’re driving.