The qualities of an ideal blender


A number of latest models of blenders are blitzing the market these days and choosing one among these is a tricky task.

What to look for in a great blender?

Performance – This is the first factor to check out. While buying a blender, you have to watch out the speed of the appliance. It is calculated in rpm. An efficient blender operates with a speed of about 40,000 to 50,000 rpm. Besides, make sure that you are able to handle the tool with ease and the blender can do tasks like grinding grains and nuts, blending smoothies and juices, kneading dough, and the like effectively.

Durability – Look for a durable gear and base; ensure that the motor is efficient, has an overload protection switch, good stainless steel blades and good quality jugs. Based on your requirement, domestic or commercial, choose the appropriate material.

Reliability – The manufacturer or the dealer should be reliable; only then the product will also be original and reliable. You should always go for well reputed brands because if you face with any problem in the future, you can get it fixed at their authorized service centres in every city across the world.

Design – It will be better if you choose a design that will suit your kitchen decor. These days, people opt sleek, easy to maintain, simple to use, and great looking blenders that look wonderful in a neat and tidy kitchen or a trendy juice bar. Popular brands like Optimum blender, especially Optimum 9400 are available in a number of unique designs and patterns with a range of options for button or dial, jugs of varied sizes and reasonable colour options including white, red, cream, gray, silver and black.

Warranty – You should buy electrical appliances with a good warranty period. In such case, again choose a branded product because they are supported by service centres all over. Some companies also offer free repair service and a few distributors also provide an option to use a temporary blender until your own blender is fixed.