The Nasty Truth behind Juice Cleanses


When my best friend got married, she needed to lose 20lbs in a hurry. She decided to be like a true Hollywood celebrity and go on a juice cleanse. Not only did she lose the weight, but her skin was truly glowing. We were all so happy for her.

Unfortunately, she shared the real truth with me. She was miserable. Her body was in complete distress due to major digestion issues like bloating, gas and diarrhea. Even her glow was profuse sweating from her gastrointestinal problems. In short, she looked great but felt horrible.

Is This Normal?

I started to wonder, is this what happens to everyone who does juice cleanses? Could this be dangerous for our digestive systems? So, I did my research and found out some interesting holes in the scientific nature of the juice cleanse fad.

  1. Lack Of Nutrients – Juice cleanses are extremely unhealthy and don’t come close to providing you with enough of your daily vitamins and minerals. Normally, when starting a new diet, your doctor will recommend taking supplements to make up for the ones you will be missing. I was sure that part of the reason my friend was feeling so ill was a major lack of nutrition. I immediately directed her to Authority Reports so she could start finding the right supplements she needed. .
  2. Strips Fruit Of Its Fiber – Fruits contain important fiber we need for digestion. While our bodies cannot physically digest fiber for nutrients, fiber aids our digestive tracts by keeping them working properly. The only problem is that by juicing fruits, you actually strip them of their fiber. The difference between eating an orange or drinking orange juice, is removing the fiber.
  3. High Sugar Content – It is known that sugar is a highly addictive substance. Like all addictive substances, one can never be satiated by having just a taste. Once you consume sugar, you keep chasing the sugar high by ingesting more. Furthermore, the more you eat, the more it desensitizes your taste buds so you constantly need more sugar to make food taste good. A truly healthy plan of eating will have reduced the amount of sugar in your diet instead of increasing it.
  4. Hurts People With IBS – What my friend didn’t realize is that juice cleanses are especially hard on people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Her disorder is largely under control due do her careful eating habits, so she didn’t think about how a juice cleanse would affect her. Most websites advocating juice cleanses do not take into account specific health issues like IBS.
  5. Results Do Not Last – The worst part about juice cleanses is that the results are not long lasting. Most people report feeling light-headed and weak while undergoing a juice cleanse but will suffer through it in order to lose weight. Unfortunately, as soon as they start eating real food again, the weight comes right back.

Luckily, my friend felt great as soon as she stopped her juice cleanse. It just goes to show you that not everything in Hollywood is as glamorous as it seems.