The Most Popular Types of Pearls to Add To Your Beauty and Charm


Are you planning to buy pearls for your jewellery? Selecting the right type of pearl to match your jewellery is important. To select the right type of pearl, you should first know about the types of pearls.

What are the different types of pearls?

 Natural and cultural pearls

 Natural – They are almost extinct these days. It is very difficult to find them. They were found in the Persian Gulf. However, most of them have been harvested and they are very rare to find now. Their rarity has made them unaffordable.

Cultured pearls – They are pearls grown in farms. Molluscs are reared in farms. When they are mature enough, mother of pearl nucleus is implanted in them. They are then returned back into water to form pearls. Pearls are not formed in all molluscs. They are reared in freshwater and saltwater farms. Cultured pearls may be freshwater pearls or saltwater pearls depending upon the type of farm in which they are formed.

Tahitian pearls – They are grown in the Polynesian sea and are the exotic black pearls. Although, it is believed that Tahitian pearls are always black in colour, they are available in all hues. The black pearls match all styles of jewellery and tastes. They are available in many shapes. However, round shaped Tahitian pearls are rare.

South sea pearls – They are referred to as the ‘Rolls Royce of pearls’. They are saltwater pearls and are large in size. They are available in several shapes and are very popular.

Akoya pearl – They are grown in the Japanese coast and are the classic cultured pearls. They are popular for their round shape, glossiness and reflective lustre. Most of the classic round pearls are Akoya pearls.

Freshwater pearls are cheaper than saltwater pearls. You should select the right type of pearl to suit your budget and style. Buying from a reliable shop like is a wise option because they guarantee best quality for reasonable prices.