The Many Benefits of Wearing a Cycling Jersey


    The bicycle is one of the best inventions of the past age. According to a private study that was conducted recently, it was found that the bicycle is the most efficient means of travelling. It makes sense too: it requires effort to pedal and uses energy produced by the human body rather than burning fossil fuels to propel you forward. Cycling is a fun hobby that everyone should think about taking up. Going from one place to another on your cycle is going to be a liberating experience for you, and will make your life tremendously easy in many ways.

    However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you jump on your cycle. First of all, donning the proper gear is essential before you go for a long ride. You will need to wear a helmet, protective glasses, and of course, a cycling jersey. Some people also prefer wearing special pedalling shoes to get increased output and maximum efficiency with each pedalling motion. While it’s fine to ride in your average t-shirt on shorter distances, cycling jerseys are necessary before you think about travelling a longer distance. Here are a few reasons why it’s so important to wear a cycling jersey.

    Decreased Wind Resistance

    T-shirts are ideally loose and are made from a thicker material than a conventional cycling jersey. As a result, when you ride against a strong headwind, t-shirts are going to increase the amount of wind resistance that you have to face. This means that your body will use up more energy with every pedalling motion, ultimately meaning that you tire much quicker. On the other hand, a cycling jersey is completely fitted and hugs your body from all angles, thus reducing your exposed surface area and minimising the amount of wind resistance that you have to face.

    Moisture Wicking

    Your average t-shirt doesn’t have any moisture wicking properties. Instead, as you get sweaty, the t-shirt will get heavier as it absorbs the moisture, and you will start feeling clammy within a short while. This is just going to make you more and more uncomfortable as the ride goes on. However, if you don a cycling jersey before the ride, you don’t have to worry about this problem. The cycling jersey is made from polyester and lycra, both of which have moisture wicking properties. This way, your body will remain dry even if you ride for a longer time period.

    Longer From the Back

    The cycling jersey is extra long on the back, thus mitigating chances of exposing your back as you bend forward to ride. Secondly, there are pockets at the back that you can use to store your common essentials, such as your mobile phone or a pack of lozenges when going for a longer ride.

    Brightly Coloured

    On top of everything, these jerseys are brightly coloured, thus increasing visibility, especially when you are riding down a dark road at night.