The Job Of A Residential Locksmith


The job of a residential locksmith is always exciting. Think about their calls! They normally aren’t getting calls to schedule service. Rather, they are the person who frantic parents call when they lock their infant in the vehicle. They are the person who tired worker call when they lock their keys in their homes. The calls they get are usually emotionally charged and from people in need of immediate care.

So how do locksmiths keep it together? First of all, training plays an important role in the career. To quickly serve customers, the locksmith has to know what they are doing. Likely they have apprenticed under someone or have at least worked form someone who has shown them the ropes. They know how to do things like:

  • Change deadbolts
  • Create keyless systems for entry
  • Install window security systems
  • Replace or repair damaged entryway components
  • Replace or repair damaged window locks or hinges
  • Examine mechanisms
  • Fabricate lost or damaged keys
  • Create keys using codes
  • Duplicate keys for new residents
  • Give access to residents locked out
  • Open safes
  • Work with electronic security hardware

The list is seemingly endless when looking at what they truly do. It all revolves around having the expertise to manage any kind of lock situation. This comes from experience and know-how.

Another aspect of a locksmith’s service is being great at customer service. Again, the calls they get aren’t usually casual and laid-back. They are frantic; they are from people in need of immediate care. This requires a special kind of personality. Not only does the worker have to be able to do the job, but they have to be able to deal with people. They have to be able to calm people down and get the information they need. Having a calming personality and being straightforward with questioning can be one of the best qualities of a locksmith. He or she can use their expertise and people-centric service to make the most of a situation—even a difficult one.

These workers are also called upon to be available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. When do disasters happen? When its most inconvenient! Just ask any locksmith and they’ll tell you plenty of anecdotes. It’s common for locksmiths to have a harrowing work day on the road and come home in the hopes of crawling into bed. Just as they do, their phone goes off again. It isn’t convenient, but it’s a reality.

Residential locksmiths are ready for every situation. If you need one, be sure that you appreciate them. Although it seems like they are just “opening the door”, remember that without them, you’d still be standing on your front porch asking yourself why you didn’t just throw your keys into your pocket like you planned!