The Importance Of A Well-Designed Office Space For Productivity


Most people spend a considerable amount of time at work. For this reason, the space we work in is very important to how much work we get done. Offices that are crowded, and worse yet, unorganised can have a negative effect on the overall performance of professionals.

A well-designed office, conversely, can do wonders for the morale of your employees and their motivation for work. When looking for office space for rent, businesses should keep this in mind because it can make the difference in how much work gets done. The importance of a well-designed office space can directly translate into earnings and business growth.

Keep reading to learn about the importance of office design and how it’s related to productivity in the workplace.

Furniture And Its Use

The way furniture is arranged in an office is very important for a few reasons. For one, furniture that obstructs traffic can make a room appear smaller and can be difficult for clients to navigate. Furthermore, if there is too much furniture or unused furniture in the office, it makes the office appear cluttered. Conversely, wide open spaces make a room look, for one, organised. In essence, your office should only have the necessary furniture to conduct business, because, at some point, your office appears to be a discarded workroom instead of a place of business.

Alternatively, try to make the furniture that you do have in the office more comfortable for the people who work in the space. Make sure that the seating has adjustable chairs and that there is plenty of legroom under the desk. Allow your employees to bring chair cushions for more comfort. Computer monitors should be positioned to avoid neck strain and some of the other problems that occur as a result of sitting too long in one place.

Clean Up The Clutter

There are a few ways to clean up the clutter that occurs in offices. First, discard all furniture that is not being used in the office, including file cabinets that are ignored or not functional. Second, consider having your employees share workspace. The hot desk is one way to make office design more efficient in that it prevents crowding a room with too much furniture. Finally, anything and everything that is not being used by employees or does not have a particular use should be discarded.

Office Lighting

Office lighting is very important when designing an office for a few reasons. Office space that is too dimly lit or is too dark makes it difficult for both the staff and clients to see in the room. Plus, it can make your staff drowsy and make it difficult for them to work. Conversely, lights that are bright, especially when there is a lot of natural light, can be very difficult to work in because it is very distracting to sit under extremely bright lights. When looking at lighting, make sure there is enough light to work without overwhelming the room.

If working for a large company, you might not be able to control the lighting in your office. However, most maintenance men can provide your office with lighting that is appropriate for your building. If you have the opportunity to use natural lighting, think about it in exchange for artificial light, which when too intense can be distracting.

Creating The Perfect Office Space

The above suggestions are quick fixes for creating an atmosphere conducive for work. Your office space can quickly be a place for productivity and inspiration simply through clearing the clutter that makes it difficult to work. Much of the time, the design of the office takes form after removing much of what clutters a room.