The Escape Game – A Brainy Game That Also Provides a Lot of Fun


Have you ever imagined yourself getting locked in a room where you just have about an hour’s time within which you need to find out the clues that will help you unlock the room and find your freedom? If it is a real life scenario, it is indeed a scary situation. But if it is a game, you would jump at the idea of getting locked in the room. The X Realm Game is exclusively designed for enthusiasts like you. Visit for further information. The game literally locks you up in specially designed rooms called the escape rooms. You will be given 60 minutes of time. You will have to find out the clues by yourself and try to come out of the rooms to attain freedom. If you are interested in getting locked up in the rooms, you need to visit escape rooms in Edmonton in Canada.

Who can play the game?

People of all age groups can play this interesting game. There is absolutely no age restriction and all are welcome to participate in the game. There are about four games to choose from at present. The management has plans to start two more games in the near future. The difficulty levels differ from game to game and the fee to play the game is just $25.00 plus tax.

The place has all the basic amenities that can cater to all occasions like parties, corporate gatherings, birthdays and any other celebrations. You do not have to worry about parking as there is a huge parking space and parking is free. However, you need to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier for mission briefing and waiver signing. Photography and video recordings are strictly prohibited. All the cell phones can be deposited in the free secure lockers for storage. Owing to the rush the place witnesses every day, the escape rooms can be booked well in advance either through phone or website. The management also gives the flexibility of cancelling your visit. All that you need to do is to inform them at least 24 hours in advance.

The games are very interesting and each game is unique in its own way. The games that one can play currently are:

  • Castle
  • Lost Empire
  • Whisper of the Dead
  • Royal Fortune

In The Castle game, there can be only 6 players in the escape room Edmonton. The rest of the escape room games Edmonton can have eight people. The difficulty level of Castle, Lost Empire and Whisper of the Dead is moderate while, Royal Fortune has a challenging difficulty level. Whatever be the game or level of difficulty, the player will be given only two chances to get help from others. The player can make use of those chances to get the hints to go to the next step. The X Realm games have caught the attention of the public very quickly as more and more people today are showing interest to play the escape room games Edmonton because the game nourishes their brains and also entertains them.