The Comfort of a Sports Tourer Over A Long Distance Ride


The prospect of riding a sports bike with all the features and comfort of a touring bike has showed up in the market for quite some time now. It is the unique capability of the tourers to cover long distances with the looks and feel of a sports bike minus that ugly wrist and back ache for the rider when driven for too long.

Innovation and Adaptability:

Since the tourer bikes have been around for quite some time now, it is over the years that the manufacturers have tried their utterly very best by adding on the latest of engine specifications, tooling and technology.  Some manufacturers also samples the latest of offerings in the sports bike segment to later on use it for the tourers in the likes of Honda CBR 250.

Torque that Matters:

For the bikes of this class, more than the speed it is the torque that matters. Thus has happened, many of the bike manufacturers are making the bikes available in some markets for no less than 650 cc or engine displacement which at times is coined enough for both short commute rides , sporty high pick-up rides or even long distance ventures.  It is the right kind of balance that plays to be crucial along with the affordability for instance the Honda CBR price in scripting the success story of a tourer bike.

What’s in the Chamber:

The tourer bike have specifications that are more or less when compared happens to be the same, what sets the manufacturers apart is thoughtful engineering carefully interwoven in the bike’s specifications. For a a tourer cum sports bike like the Honda CBR 250, the price is ascertained depending on this various engineering crafts and the bike’s overall ability. The tourer of a 650 cc engine displacement has;

  • Liquid cooled four-cylinder DOHC
  • A power of 86.87 PS
  • ABS or anti-lock braking system that comes handy in slippery road conditions
  • A torque of 62.9 Nm
  • Manual Gears and self-start mechanism

Bikes with such features have already won rave reviews from automobile crtics that further concretises its position in the automobile sector.