The Best Five iPhone Spy Apps


You are concerned about what your children do with their iPhone? Worried that they are abusing their smartphone? Distressed about your employees’ or partners’ behaviour/attitude that they are turning against you? A resourceful iPhone Tracker application would be a fitting console to answer all your questions. There are plenty of them available online and we are going to confer, five best of them.

Here they are, five best spy software for iPhone:

  • mSpy
  • FlexiSpy software
  • Highster mobile
  • Phone Sheriff
  • ikeymonitor


It is one of the most popular  iPhone spy software, which is regularly updated, to adapt with the everyday changes in the mobile sector. This application runs silently in the background, to record and send all activities of the phone, to the mSpy account that could be accessed from your device. The fascinating fact about mSpy is that you don’t have to jailbreak the target iOS device to spy on it, it goes well with non-jailbroken iOS devices too. Hence, for this iphone spy app no jailbreak is needed, to make use of its excellent interface and enhanced features. It can upload the collected data to your online account for monitoring and controlling purposes.

Flexi Spy Software

Flexi spy software is one of the best iPhone spy apps that intercepts phone calls, grab passwords, and locate the target phone through GPS and even to make spy calls. Flexi Spy is an easy to install application that holds unique features, which contains nearly 150 iPhone tracker functions. It allows the user to turn on the microphone and listen to the target iPhone’s surroundings. It is specialised in spying on instant messages such as Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, iMessage, Instagram etc. It tracks and sends you alerts on events, when related keywords appear in the messages or when the phone enters prohibited areas. Moreover, it also reads and fetch you the target phone’s screen lock passcode and passwords. This software permits us to view all pictures, videos and Audios that are already stored on the iPhone.

Highster mobile

Highster Mobile is one of the most advanced mobile tracking software, applicable for all types of iOS and Android devices. This tool contains all information of the target device, in the control panel of Highster Mobile, in which they get uploaded in real time. It can perform activities to track call logs, photos/videos and the phone’s location through GPS. On the top of that, it also serves as an efficacious application to spy on iPhone text messages, by capturing every single message sent/received instantly after the conversation. Hence, you could retrieve the messages even if the logs are deleted from the target iPhone. You can simply say this tool to be iPhone friendly, as it exhibits a remarkable compatibility with iOS devices, supporting all the versions of iOS.


Phone Sheriff is an advanced, cutting-edge parental control software that is adaptable with all major smart devices like iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and many more. It is one of the powerful apps, which contains everything to gain control over your children’s smartphone. This software allows you to set different filters to monitor the phone appropriately. Being a parental control software, it possess various features targeting children care and safety like, a ‘panic button’, options to block games and other unwanted applications that are not suitable for children.


iKeyMonitor is a radical keylogger for iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch, which captures keystrokes, passwords, SMS, websites visited, screenshots and send them to you via email or FTP automatically. It records the passwords and keystrokes, when it is entered/typed on the targeted device. It also allows to spy on text messages and call logs, making it possible for you to view the phone numbers called or received calls from, time stamps of those calls and its call durations. It works in a perfect stealth mode, when the targeted device is active.