Team Management Skills with John Song


John Song Potomac MD explores the key actions managers need to take to encourage their employees towards are common company goal. These actions range from channels of communication, to developing relationships, to understanding employees strengths and weaknesses.

Communicating is one of the hardest tasks and human has had to do say John Song. It is the reason for big mistakes in corporations, it is the main reason for divorce and separations, and it is the main reason for team failure. As a team manager it is important to make sure that your team has the appropriate channels and tools to effectively communicate with you and the other team members. Communication channels include email, talk, phone, and company messaging platforms. These must be uniform throughout the whole team and must be available to everyone with the same conditions.

Next, John Song Potomac MD wants managers to understand that they need to develop relationships with their staff. Building relationships within companies is the first type of relationship management managers should learn, even before CRM. Taking an interest in employee’s personal lives and interests will show that not only the company values them but their direct superior does too. Employees will be more willing to trust the manager and work harder for their success when that trust and respect is established.

Lastly, understanding employees strengths and weaknesses can allow managers to use employees to the best of their ability. When placing employees in a position they are comfortable in, they will definitely be more likely to perform and while do so with confidence. John Song Potomac MD says the key to having hard working employees is trust and confidence not only with their co-workers and managers, but with themselves too.