Syntax as a Part of Grammar Dealing with Postgraduate Studies


Syntax along with morphology deals with a person’s postgraduate study. Many individuals consider this aspect of linguistics as the most important one. Possessing strong knowledge in syntax allows a person not just omit making mistakes but continue his/her study and defend dissertation in linguistics. Syntax as a branch of linguistics includes the following important topics in it:

  1. Participle. Participle itself involves the study of different verbs and their forms. This part out of the whole grammar course appears to be the most difficult one for a person to consider. Past forms of the verbs are also studied in this case. A person ought to know them by heart in order to spell the words correctly without making any mistakes in them. Also there is a list of irregular verbs that a person has to consider, dealing with the study of syntax.
  2. Infinitive. Infinitives can be indefinite, perfect and continuous. During a person’s second or third year of studying, he/she comes to the conclusion that it is not acceptable to use the word “tenses.” The person uses the word “infinitives” in this case, analyzing the sentence structure and its morphology along with syntax.
  3. Gerund. Gerund or the so-called “ing-ending” is used in various cases and in various sentences. Mainly it helps the people to understand the following branch of grammar better. Understanding gerund on a basic level allows an individual understand the structure of infinitive and participle in the most proper way. It also helps people avoid making spelling mistakes.
  4. Constructions. There are many constructions in the English language. It would take a person forever to remember most of them. Important issue in this case is to remember all of them and memorize the correct usage of every single one of these constructions.