Surprising Ways to Nurture Education


Education is always important, but sometimes the reality that your young child is growing up fast can hit you hard. Is it too early to think about college? What about high schools in the area? Should you think about a private school like Sammamish private schools? Take a breath and think logically for a moment. While it’s never too early to plan for the future, work with your child at the age they are right now.

Using Scissors

This might surprise you, but allowing young children to use scissors is beneficial to them in many ways. (Of course, anytime scissors are being used you should be keeping a close eye on little ones.)

  • The use of scissors promotes fine motor skills in young brains. How? Cutting requires them to focus on the task they’re completing and encourages hand-eye coordination. They must see what they are doing and move their fingers and the object simultaneously.
  • Little hands are strengthened when they’re cutting. The muscles are developed and kids learn to grasp and grip the tool properly. This is a fantastic precursor to writing and holding a pencil.
  • Watch any child while they’re using scissors. The level of attention that they must use while doing so helps strengthen their attention spans.


It is a human instinct to sort and group things. Encourage this instinct and your child’s motor skills at the same time by having them sort objects by color, shape or size.

  • Early math skills are nurtured by encouraging logical thinking. Your child is learning to understand differences and see patterns in this simple activity.
  • By grouping by size, children are learning the concept of measurement and seeing the variety in big versus small.
  • Data analysis and processing information are being taught here as well. By being given a large amount of information, kids break it into smaller, more manageable parts and are learning to understand this concept.

Let the future come later. Live in the moment and do activities with your small child that foster education and lay the groundwork for learning.