Sunflower Home Awareness System the Best Home Security System in the Market



The advancement in modern technology is currently increasing making us feel like we live in the future itself. What seemed almost impossible some decades back is now becoming a reality, thanks to the Sunflower Home Awareness Systems that integrates smart sensor and a drone-based home security system.

About Sunflower Home Awareness System

This new technology detects motion, sound, and vibration and by analyzing the data collected, it is capable of distinguishing between human, animals, and cars. How is this achieved? To do so, it uses artificial intelligence technique to spot disturbances and determine whether the interference is potentially dangerous. For instance, trusted visitor such as deliveryman would be identified by how they approach your home and the period they stand at the front door.

For example, if a person approaches your home and lingers at the back door- the system will prompt a push notification to your Smartphone/tablet and enquire whether you would like to investigate. If you click yes button, the drone will fly autonomously to the location where the suspicion person is spotted. The drone is capable of hovering 30-feet, and it will fly near the person until you command it back to its perch. The smart app of your Smartphone includes an option where as a homeowner you can notify the police.

False alarms are common nowadays for home based alarm systems, and due to this reason, the founder CEO Sir Alex expects that as a homeowner to send the drone to undertake investigation before calling your local police. For safety, the propeller will automatically shut down if at all the hit anything. They are designed to produce minimal sound as possible due to their large size.

About the founder of the Sunflower Home Awareness System Alex Pachikov, this technology consists of two parts- that is- 

1. State of the art sensors 

The sensors are placed on your home/property, and the purpose of these sensors is to detect any motion, sound, and vibration.

2. Drone

Drones are a useful part of this new home security system in that you can deploy them anytime in case you want to survey or take a closer look if you suspect something fishy. The drone will send back a live video, and by this, you will have the knowledge of what is happening around your homestead. This is surely the best home security system.

The sensors are equipped with smart lights-, which also can serve as attractive garden lights. Being the best home security system, the sensors smart lights are capable of distinguishing various disturbances. For instance, in situations where rodents such as raccoons cause the disturbances, the sensors will flash and make warning noise; alternatively, if your partner is arriving home from work, he/she will be welcomed home with a moderate increase in light intensity. Otherwise, if an intruder, say your ex-partner is arriving home the system will flash and send out warning sounds.

In the case of a serious security disturbance, (by which the sensor will determine by themselves)- that is when the Sunflower Home Awareness System will display its full potential capabilities. The system will deploy the drone to do an investigation on the source of the disturbance. This means that the users do not even need to possess piloting skills since the drone autopilots itself to the spot where the suspicious activity was detected. The users even do not have to worry even the time of the day became the drone itself is equipped with a technology that is capable of distinguishing day and night. This means that during the night the drone will use its high-resolution camera with infrared light to capture video during the night.

To cater for its short battery life, the drone will be deployed for some few minutes and not continuously; this will ensure that the drone charges entirely during the deployments. However, for continuous flight, the drone provides 15-20minutes flight time.


This is just a tip of the iceberg as almost impossible technology is coming into existence. Even though the drone part of it raises privacy, safety, and regulatory concerns, Sunflower Labs does not view this as a problem simply because homeowners will only use the drone for non-commercial purposes thus such policies will not apply. Also, the price of the system is still unclear, but for the lights, they cost $159 each, however, the drone can be rented for a small fee in comparison to the traditional alarm systems.